LEMFO LEM14 is online

That’s my thought exactly, since the Zeblaze THOR 6 looks nice, but it has a small battery, and its quality is questionable, the LEM12 Pro is almost there, but it also has a small battery, and the Prime 2 is a true beast with a size way too big for me (I have a Unihertz Jelly 2 phone, which has the exact same camera sensor - Sony IMX214 - as the Prime 2, but it has a large enough display with a 2Ah battery; I wouldn’t wear the Jelly 2 on my wrist, and it has the same weight as the Prime 2) - fingers crossed for at least a 1260mAh battery (the capacity of the Prime) and a proper water resistance!

Colour me excited!

Don’t give two turds about the cameras. Preordered solely based on the fact that it’s A10, waterproofed (great for English weather) and a slightly bigger battery.

I’ve only ever ordered from AliExpress in the past, so let’s see how it goes with Banggood. Given how well we dealt with Covid-19, not sure when I’ll be receiving it though.


Preordered… waiting for shipping and official support thread … hope it meet out expectations


Agreed, fingers crossed. Would’ve gone for the new Kospet if it wasn’t the size of a dinner plate. This one seems to nestle nicely between Lem12 Pro and Prime 2.


Exactly… the size is why kospet prime 2 is not chosen insteas

And i agree with pablo… its great for the value even with the real specifications …

For me the biggest let down would be the battery…

I really hope it can stand a full day with normal usage …

We will see soon

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If the battery’s capacity is only 1.100mAh, it has 87% of the original Prime’s battery capacity, which seems to be sufficient taken Android 10’s better energy/power management and the more recent P22 SoC. (Edit: my Prime can withstand almost 3 days on one charge, so I think I’ll be able to survive at least 2 days with the LEM14.)
I’ll root mine with Magisk Manager (I know, it’s a systemless root, so I have to reroot my watch after each FW upgrade), then I’ll use Kernel Adiutor to downclock the processor to balance between performance and battery time.

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If the “LEM14” (not to mention the several other ‘Brands’ with the same device) is really IP68 with A10 it should be great!

They stopped accepting orders and it is changed to “comming soon” in bangood

Preorders never shipped

(Though its listed now in aliexress)

Guess the company is trying to do few things right before starting to ship it…

Still holding to my order … hope it will not take long time…

I hope they will make battery packs for on the go charging like the one comming with lem12 and lem12 pro

@SmartWatch_Ticks says the rollme s08 battery pack might be compatible with it… but i prefer one which is specifically made for it … we will wait and see if its comming …

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Hi,look at the video from smartwatch ticks …really interesting specs vs reality

Yeah, I assume we all saw that video, and that’s why I cancelled my order.
The Kospet Prime 2 is too big and bulky for my taste, but other than that it’s a fun-tastic watch!

The Lemfo LEM14 is weird. On the images it looks better than in the reality - I dislike the upper red button with the Lemfo logo on it, it looks lame and childish, while on the rendered (?) pictures the buttons are thicker and look better.

Lemfo said it wasn’t their fault that Banggood had misleading specs - obviously it was their fault, since Banggood is only a marketplace, so one overly enthusiastic worker of Lemfo gave Banggood that brochure with the 1.600mAh battery and the good cameras.

I’m sure Kospet will manufacture an A10 watch similar to the original Kospet Prime - which is still my daily driver phone since 21st of December, 2019. :slight_smile: The exact same body with a new motherboard would be awesome! :+1:


things are now moving image


That is a good news

I think mine will be shipped within a day or so

Mine shipped yesterday from Banggood. This is going to be really interesting. If the specs don’t match LEMFO and Banggood are going to need a good legal team!!

I am sure that the whole of China is now trembling with fear at your threat…


This would be a first :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Mine shipped too

I come in peace with the listed vs real specs and it doesnt bother me much … we already know that and and we got it for good price as preorder

The only thing i want is full day battery moderate to heavy use …

Any body got their watch please update us

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WOW. I didn’t realise that peeps on this site, and a moderator to boot, would be such a negative smart arse! Anyway, each to their own.

There’s always got to be a first! So, the moderators on this site think its okay for the Chinese online stores to just make up BS? That’s pretty pathetic really. If the rest of the world has decorum and honestly (mostly :)) in advertising why is China exempt. They want to sell to the rest of the World maybe it’s about time they do it with honesty!

You need to chill . No none of us think this is okay at all ? My comment was regarding suing Lemfo . If you look around this forum @pablo11 works hard behind the scenes to stop this from happening . We work alongside him and with the companies in question but only so much can be done . I might also add we are unpaid volunteers before you ask . Have a good day

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu meant @pablo11 works hard to stop misleading campaigns from happen (Chinese manufacturers like to boost the specs, except a few like Kospet), not from letting you sue Lemfo - but you won’t, most probably you can’t (travel to China, check if you can go to the court there; it will cost you a lot more than you would want to spend).

So accept our members’ help, all of us are here to shine some light on the real specs of watches instead of the marketing bullsh…t.

BTW, it’s not the store’s fault to accept an article like this, they won’t investigate if everything on the specs list matches with the reality. I’ve ordered hundreds of times from Banggood, and if something was their or the manufacturers fault, I got my money back up to the last cent.