LEMFO LEM14 Comes With NFC & 5ATM Waterproof - FALSE

Finally! LEMFO has released the world’s first Android smartwatch with NFC + 5ATM waterproof: https://www.chinesesmartwatches.com/lemfo-lem14-smartwatch/
What do you think? I hope that true!

MOD Edit
This is a completely false advertising - BE WARNED !!!


I also hope it’s true


This looks a lot like the Rollme S08…
Be aware that a 450x450 1.69" display doesn’t exists, also the 8MP camera were in reality just 2MP and the battery had a lesser capacity than advertised.

Yeah, but the Rollme S08 has the old HW - the same as any Android 7.1.1 watches.
LEMFO is an old player, let’s hope they can amaze us all!

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It is like the LEM12 vs. LEM12Pro, identical outer shell but with the new Android 10 hardware.
I’m expecting the same here, an updated Rollme S08 with Android 10, a 400x400 1.6" display and 2x2MP cameras.

And I just recently ordered the 12 Pro…

We’ll see, won’t we? LEMFO isn’t Rollme, I can only compare the LEM14 to my Kospet Prime, which has a big 1260mAh battery in a smaller body. You can create a display with any resolution you just want: the Prime has a 400x400 1.6’’ display, I can believe LEMFO that the LEM14 has a 450x450 1.69’’ display.
The LEM12 Pro is slimmer and smaller with a 900mAh battery - let’s hope the LEM14 will have at least a 1260mAh battery just like the Prime 1!

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Again, those specifications are faked to bait people into buying it.
Lemfo is rebranding stuff from other vendors and if they don’t know any better they just copy & paste the specifications (for this case i would recommend Kospet, as they never lied about it).

The mentioned display is not existant, the cameras are also not 13MP and 8MP.
But if you can prove me wrong, i will admit i made a mistake.

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Just so you know…
This LEM14 is two x 2mp camera
Not 5ATM

Lemfo are very angry about this false advertising


Why is Banggood allowing the false specs? Its basically fraud…

I have no idea.
Lemfo is taking action about it.
Leave it to them to sort out

For reference/archive purposes, I have saved the false specs published on Banggood.

Yeah thanks.
I have them as well

It makes no sense. How do Lemfo/Banggood benefit by allowing the advertising of a product with la-la land specs?

As I said before, Lemfo had no idea that Banggood did this until I spoke to them and they are very, very upset…
I have no idea why Banggood did this unless they were given the bad information by the factory.
Either way it’s basically the same as the Rollme Hero pro fantasy specifications we saw about 6 weeks ago…

Complete garbage.

I really hope that none of our members have ordered this product thinking they will get this ridiculous spec :disappointed:


Lol I nearly canceled my Prime 2 order last night.

FYI the YouTube channel “Full Android Smartwatch” is promoting the watch.

Already contacted him to take this down . Thanks for the update :+1:. For clarifaction this is not our youtube channel but he is a good friend of the forum.


I just put my Lemfo Lem14 video in private mode.
Is it better if I put it back with the real specs or do I leave it hidden?

I would publish it with the real specs.

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I agree with @G1NT0N1C
Just publish the real specs and explain that it was falsely advertised on Banggood.