LEMFO LEM P 4gb + 64gb (Prime style watch) support thread

Here is the latest offering from LEMFO
It is an Android 9 dual chip device like the Prime S
Here are the details:

LEMP Specs.xlsx (151.9 KB)


It looks great…
I wonder about Android 9 and battery consumption.

MrTicks, we need you!!! Help!

With a 500W camera, it’s gonna suck the battery like hell !!

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Yes it is funny how description is explained :sweat_smile:

Just to be clear…
These Android 9 unisoc chip devices are unable to make calls or receive SMS in the long standby mode (or sports mode as it is called this time).
Unlike the MTK version (Optimus 2) which can.

Nice looking and reasonably priced but lacking the functionality of the slightly more expensive MTK solution.

The new Prime S is exactly like this but with less ram and storage.

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The blood oxygen is cool . Myself and @G1NT0N1C both report that we both have Hypoxia :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


A review from Mr Ticks

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After testing in the long standby “Sports” mode, the LEM P actually CAN receive calls if the default Airplane mode is switched off in the swipe down screen that appears in this special mode along with a brightness control.

Of course, there’s no calling out, unless…

Button Manager with Organized Drawer (or any other way of bringing up all the apps) will give access to the phone, contacts, call logs, etc., and it works! All the time you’re in Sports mode, not full Android mode.

I don’t have any battery tests to compare the two modes, or if the Sports mode is significantly shorter life with a SIM in and Airplane mode turned off, so not sure how beneficial all this is in the long run.

BTW, it seems that whatever settings for Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular data you set before switching to Sports mode remain in that state in Sports mode with Airplane mode off, and there’s no way to change them without switching back to Android mode to get access to the full controls (unless, of course, you access Settings through Organized Drawer and navigate to network settings and toggle them there.

Have any of you guys tested any of this on your LEM P?

Also, as reported, the LEM P has 5MP images from both cameras while the PRIME S has 8MP sized images from the top camera. My guess is they are both 5MP modules but the PRIME S is up-scaling the images. I haven’t shot comparison shots to confirm though.

Anyway, as a followup to the Genesis, this LEM P is pretty good without having a rotating single camera at the top but two fixed cameras. I still like the Genesis putting the selfie camera on the 9 o’clock side rather than the 3 o’clock side as your fingers invariably cover the camera when touching the watch in that position. It is what it is though, and glad there’s a top camera rather than on the side.

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Again, just so everyone knows…
The LEM P, Prime S, Optimus 2 and any of the other supposedly “Dual Mode” watches are not Dual Mode in reality.

Unlike the original Optimus watches that did have “dual operating mode” and the watch would boot into the BT environment.

This is because the Dual System mode is actually just a cut down version of the launcher that prevents the user from using the majority of Android apps and some services. So booting into the BT system is not required and does not happen. The BT system chip in this case is used to handle the sensor information and it does a good job of this.

On these devices, when you use the “other” operating mode you are effectively invoking a strict power saving mode - but only because the launcher changes and prevents you from accessing the regular apps.
Hence if you can get around the restricted launcher - phone calls and everything else still works as normal. You can easily verify this by installing a third party launcher.

I am saying this because I believe it is fair to be honest about the so called “Dual System” mode and I believe that the brands have not been completely transparent about this.
In fact, to the extent that I actually believed (before I got the devices) that they were indeed like the original Optimus watches and we would be booting into the BT chip environment.

Just an FYI…


Excellent explanation @pablo11 as I was wondering how we could be in one mode but access apps that were supposedly restricted to a different mode. So it’s really a magic trick with launching a different, stripped down launcher to keep the user away from some stock apps and all 3rd party apps plus handing off sensor monitoring to a different chip. Yea, not a true dual mode operation at all. Thanks for clarifying. I guess this approach does provide some gain in battery life, if nothing more than keeping users from using the watch as much.

I still like that PRIME S/LEM P fixed camera at the top and hope to see it bumped up in quality and wrapped in a waterproof watch case someday.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it and in fact it really does save power… Just not quite the way expected :joy:

The extra system chip for dealing with sensors and BT functions is actually a good idea…if it was the primary point of having it.

Properly implemented it would be very efficient and accurate.

I am talking to Wiiteer about this exact possibility. It’s not easy though because the brands want what they want and it doesn’t always line up with our thinking :grin:

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