LEM12 Pro A10 Official Support

So - Android 10 has landed.
Here is the LEM12 Pro - a new model from Lemfo.
As a side note - we will have three of these to give away in another competition that we will publish soon. Please wait until it is published for further details.
First off - here are the specifications:

Currently available in the official Lemfo Aliexpress store

Firmware v06 is current.

Open with 7zip include with flashing tools here:


Is the firmware going to be made accessible in the near future?

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Yes. It will be available after it arrives

Maybe this is what you need?

I found this smartwatch at lemfo official store at my local (shopee) marketplace here.

It still send from china but the process basically buy, forget and receive. So it’s better than using overseas like aliexpress, gearbest, or perhaps ebay (since manually do the tax and stuff consuming more time).

I hope all brands from this forum can open their shop there too.

here’s what the official store answered on Aliexpress:
hello friend,
like you phone, when the watch uses the function, the power consumption is different.
If you want to make your watch stand by for a longer period of time, you can turn off some of the features that are not used frequently.
You can try to fully charge your watch, disconnect the watch from your phone and test its standby time. To test its usage time.

I bought this smart watch as early as 2020-09-22. They are not on hand yet.

So you purchased it on the 22 September and then the whole of China went on holiday on or around the 30th September.
I believe they will be returning to work tomorrow or the 8th October.

My point being that you need to give some Time for it to arrive.

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I added this watch to the Device Info HW database


Thanks… I think @none has the information but it always useful :+1::+1:

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Thanks, this is very useful to quickly identify the hardware of the various models.

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for the current hour I have problems:

  1. Sync Google contacts
  2. Updating weather data
  3. The Files Manager doesn’t work
  4. The True Phone app is not displayed for incoming calls
    firmware: Z32-LEM12pro-V03_20200925-0253

Hi .

Under accounts have you added your google account ? If so have you turned on " sync " ? This will sync your emails , contacts etc after a while .

File manager not working ? Please be more specific . Surely it will open …

Weather - when connected to wifi , gps , sim it updates to location

True phone app ?

Dr_Andy_Vishnu, post:12, topic:58549

Under accounts have you added your google account ?
Yes, of course.

If so have you turned on " sync " ?
Yes, of course. I could only find this in my Google account settings.

Weather - when connected to wifi , gps , sim it updates to location
I was referring to automatic update the weather.

True phone app ?
Yes, of course. This app is selected by default.for calls.

File manager not working ? Please be more specific . Surely it will open …
I can’t launch the File Manager app. When you select a line, the app doesn’t start.


Google account - settings - more - accounts - auto sync data

File manager - no idea what you mean ? File manager opens . You can open the folders you require .

True phone app ? If this is a app you have installed have you turned it off in battery and data saver

Weather - why not try installing universal launcher

I’ve been using my Lem12 Pro for 2 days now. So far I’m having 3 issues: The watch vibrates for 3 seconds every time I receive a Watchdroid notification. In the watch droid settings, I have the vibrate set to .30 seconds. The other issue is Macrodroid crashes when I select to trigger a macro from an application launch. When I select applications, the app crashes before it returns the full application list. I use this Macrodroid to start and stop my wifi when curtain applications are launched and close. for example, Google assistant launch and close. The last is Heartontop application does not record the heart rate, I believe it can’t see the new sensor. Do you folks have any ideas on how to resolve these issues? thank you

Third party app support is difficult for us unless we use them.
For Watchdroid you can visit his support thread here on this forum.

For macrodroid I have absolutely no idea.
Is it designed to work with Android 10?
Have you granted all the permissions it needs? It is very different to A7.1.1 when it comes to permissions.
The same thing applies to Heartontop

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I have found that auto sync is not working for contacts and other Google services apart from maybe Gmail.

I am also thinking that auto sync is affected globally and I am discussing the problem with the solution providers today.


V03 firmware has been added to the top post :+1:


I have found another bug.
If language is changed to Russian or eastern Europe language - file Explorer do not work.
At the moment I can only confirm English is working


Just so everyone understands - we are working like crazy to - get this fixed.
Along with the Google sync issue and the Watch face animation issue.
So I will be unavailable for a while