LEM10 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So I’ve had the LEM10 (3GB/32GB) for a day. Thought I’d put some of my opinions on it. Please check out Smartwatch Ticks’s youtube reviews on the watch, really well made.

The Good:
Fast device with google services running without compromise. With that I mean account sync working in real time, etc. unlike my thor pro,(even GLIDERUN displays steps! WOW) which really required a lot of manual intervention to keep things sync’ed like steps on google fit or google cal entries. The LEM10 also has a good screen; resolution is great, it’s VERY bright and easy to read outdoors. Working on the watch really feels more like a using a phone than a watch. I’m liking more and more not having to constantly switch screen modes like on my thor pro.
Apps can be frozen, or automatically managed to keep things snappy and battery efficient.
The stock launcher has many cool features and the overall feel is of a polished product. Not just the build quality or its light weight, but also the user interface and the app experience is spot on. Typing is also much easier when you can reach all corners. The increased real estate is nice for more feature packed skins. Speaking of skins, creating custom skins for the LEM10’s 320x360 is very simple in WFD. (I will release today a new face for it, stand by)

Was out today with the watch, so I popped the card (I switched to 3G instead of 4G to save some battery) GPS locked ON within mere SECONDS and stayed locked on to the satellites even though I was quite a few km inside heavy woods in a natural park!
1h hour of running (using MyRunningApp) with GPS ON (set to 1 sec and 5 m intervals), heart rate monitoring ON, bluetooth ON with head buds blasting away, full cellphone reception only used 25% battery, that’s so great! (Mind you 30 mins screen on time as well, as I was checking all the info on the screen while running,)

The 24mm bands are easily detachable. if you make some holes in a rubber 22mm strap, you can use the 24mm pins from the watch and with minor cutting use them. The watch came with this elastic strap that I’m already loving.

The fitness App is OK, gives a lot of info throughout the launcher by using swipes, but it’s very basic. Some prominent user here added GPS support for the app but it doesn’t replace the internal one and so it doesn’t sync outside of the watch. The GPS modified app can be obtained by asking @pablo11 for it. The modfied app managed to quit after finishing a 10 min bike ride. I tried again for a minute and it seems to be working now. That app waits for GPS lock before starting the work out. GPS distance in one decimal but only update each km, so 0.0 for a long time until you reach 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc. You can trace route in a separate window by a simple swipe. Integrate this into the watch for next release and add one decimal (100m) increments, google fit export and it’s’ a 10.

Though I’m a big fan of watchdroid, I’m testing the built in wiiwatch2 connection. It’s been steady for the entire day. Amazing solid connection! (unlike the thor pro with wiiwatch1)
Bluetooth sound was awesome, the strength of it was much higher than my thor pro which had antennas in the band. (oh well).
Yesterday I started a movie in bed at 57% battery in and when I woke up the Lem10 had 15% battery left after the movie finished and had been running bluetooth connection to my phone with wiiwatch2 for the whole night. Really really impressive. Screen on time was like 4 hours for yesterday. Battery charges quickly too.

The BAD:
Buttons a little flimsy but they work well.
A good amount of apps (Viber, Microsoft Edge, Netflix, MyRunningApp, VLC and a few more) were not visible in the play store, I had to manually download them from apkmirror.
(maybe a firmware update can fix this issue?) The touch of buttons on screen sometimes doesn’t happen immediately, (pressing crop button in VLC takes a few tries, for example.) there’s some software issue that can be fixed in a firmware update I’m sure.

Universal Launcher messes up with system wide DPI making every app very small and hard to read. This can happen after sometime of messing around. You might be lucky and doesn’t happen to you. Just uninstall the launcher and it all reverts to normal. ( I will look more into this and give an update)

Playing audio at quieter levels makes the sound fade in and out, and almost disappear just go come back and start being erratic. I’ve seen this before and for sure it’s not hardware so it CAN be fixed.

The HEART RATE monitor is a litte bit of a joke right now. I was running 4:50m per km and was displaying a heart rate of 70-80bpm, with a single peak to 160bpm, the more realistic heart rate. I tried putting the watch in different places on the arm and it made only minor difference. I will test HR with GLIDERUN and HEARTONTOP tomorrow, maybe MyRunningApp was the problem?) I’ll update this when I have more info. Again, a firmware fix can deal with it. The Thor Pro had the same issue until a FW update fixed it.

Also please check out my watch face/skin I’ll be posting here. I could take request too for our rectangular baby :slight_smile:


Great update :+1: . Appreciated


Finally looks like good enough device to leave the phone at home for a run or trip to the gym with the square screen supporting regular apps.

Thanks much for the update. Been refreshing the page for a while.

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You can try the official fitness gps version I borrowed from the thor 4 dual. It is on my site and not modified. It should replace your stock non gps fitness app. I tested this app and distance is not ver accurate (read on my page) It is the WearfitnessGps_1_1.apk from here: https://sites.google.com/site/tweakradje/android/kospet-hope-lite
At the bottom of the page. Hope it works without root.

What does the turn knob do? Brightness?



Hey thanks for your comment. The rotating button crown doesn’t do anything. Also not mentioned in the user manual… I tried the link but it doesn’t start the download, only a redirect with a pop-up that closes immediately

On PC it works ok. Perhaps try direct link: https://sites.google.com/site/tweakradje/android/kospet-hope-lite/WearFitnessGPS_1_1.apk

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@tweakradje I need to be rooted and maybe even flash as system app. Now it just says package is corrupt or something similar

Piece of crap this one actually. You should have waited for the LEMFO LEM T. I prefer mobile phones horizontally on my wrist :slight_smile:

Very nice mate, been waiting for the review, a runner perspective. I saw a square tag heuer Monaco that might be looks cool if you want to make a skin from it. If I’m not mistaken, Gavril Tardi had made one.


LEM T is not usable for me because I need portrait mode for the activity apps I use. LEM10 so far has been better than I thought. Just needs some firmware updates, that’s all.

Thanks for your feedback , bud. Go ahead post in the face request page and I’ll take a looksy :slight_smile:

My initial impressions of my Lem 10. Having worn round android watches for years, round does not work well in a Square world. This watch functions so much better in the same square world.


Bluetooth takes out the heart rate sensor. Otherwise it’s quite a nice watch, I agree. I hope they send a FW update

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Hey. Is there just a black screen in standby?

Mate, could you please let us know if app Sportstracker works in the watch?

If not, i would like to use it for follow gpx track routes.


I know all the answers and even better suggestions, but thread is my review of the Lem10, maybe create own threads just to keep things clean and easy to find for future formers with the same question as you, and to keep this thread about the subject aswell. @FreeCat @Enyel_Alcatraz

use this thread:

me too. Wish there is lem10 ver.2 with android 10 and full view display

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