Lem 12 Pro FAW Firmware Link

Hi members:

I am wondering if someone would be kind enough to provide me with the link for downloading the latest Lem 12 Pro international firmware? I also have several questions:

  1. Am I correct that this firmware can directly be installed to the watch, or am I required to flash the device?
  2. Since I am blind, I have the Talk Back speech product installed as part of accessibility settings. Will these be reset when I update to the new firmware?

Thank you.


The new version will be available soon . A factory reset will be advised after installing so yes you will lose everything

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu and @pablo11 . I would like to also ask the following: Normally, Android installs include accessibility services (which would also mean the TalkBack service). Are you all bundling the accessibility service in the development of the FAW firmware? If not, then I would kindly request that you do so because it is part of stock Android. Thank you.

I would also need the download link, but I can’t find it. Thank you very much.

Does anyone know anything about the new firmware version? Thank you very much.

You will see this soon . What do you want to know ?

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