Kospet Optimus Pro - back button not working

Definitely not excited to be posting this one.
I noticed this morning that the bottom button is not working properly anymore. Sometimes if I press it, the long standby screen will show but that’s random. It doesn’t go back anymore :sob:
I was a little scared about the buttons and I guess I was right to be.
after only a couple weeks, it’s a bit sad to say the least.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this?
obviously not the end of the world, for now, as I can still swipe back, but it does worry me about how long the actual power button will last. Once it’s gone, it’s over.

Not exactly . Try this :-


You could attempt to try to fix button yourself as some users have ( at your own risk ) on this forum ? . I will look for the thread


Swiping back seems to works pretty much everywhere, so why have a floating button?
I actually rarely used the back button for back, mainly just to turn the screen on instead of always using the top button.
Still hurts that it broke so soon.
highly unlikely I try and fix it myself. I can see more damage than is already.
any ideas what has been causing this button failure?

The floating toucher is a good option if buttons stop working permantly . I know its a contact problem that when cleaned can be fixed . pablo11 posted a solution that worked for some but if you dont want to try then dont attempt . Thanks

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Interesting. Curious what could have triggered the problem. I haven’t dropped it or basically anything rough.
dust? Water? I have ran with it and it’s been sweaty.

Is this an issue that most people are experiencing or very few? That you’ve noticed…
I was hoping to get a year out of the Optimus pro, seems a bit unlikely, but I guess we’ll see.

Its been very few but sweat and running has been mentioned before . Thanks

As far as I have noticed, the button quality is the only real HW issue of this watch. I have not experienced the problem myself, but I feel I’m not far.
It’s a shame for a so well made watch. Maybe this issues can be passed to the manufacturer for future improvement?


You may consider in using the magnification gesture under accessibility category of setting search app. This would prevent the use of the power button to change the aspect ratio of the screen (square, full).
With magnification gesture you will zoom in on the screen using 3 taps, and the you can pan on the screen using two fingers. I normally use it this way just to avoid pressing the power button.
Maybe you can give it a try.

Look at this post:

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Another option is “Smart Touch.” I used Floating Toucher for a while but due to difficulty reading it on some screens switched to Smart Touch and like it better.

I lost the power button on my Lem 7 and found I could still function with using the gesture mode to activate the watch. The only issue is if you need to perform other functions you need a probe to actually push the switch. I just carried it with me and over all it was just a minor inconvenience. Using the UL was a big help because you can adjust how long the gesture mode stays on. Once the screen comes up you just swipe left or right and then it screen will stay on.

For My sake my man. If it is only a few weeks old. Get a refund. And don’t take any crap :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that. The power button on my Thor 5 cracked in half after about a month but so far it’s still usable.

I understand that the manufacturers have to make compromises to make these amazing watches at such low prices, but if it cost a little more to have to have higher quality buttons I would pay it.

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I hear you. I am speaking with them through Ali express now. They were quick to respond (kospet official store) and requested a high Def video of the issue, which inkist sent them.

We’ll see what happens.

Yes I agree. Not should, CAN be better quality for same price.

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I suggest you use the “send it back” button!:yum:

Now that’s funny.
Only problem with Ali express is delivery times. Takes weeks. I leave Portugal mid September and they don’t ship to India. So I’m pretty much out of luck on a return or replacement.
Not a big deal so far, but Indian heat and moisture could soon render the ol Optimus Pro out of order for good.

i literally had a strong inkling about the overusage of both hardware buttons right out of the box, could see it coming due to the dual purpose both buttons are mapped with currently. i mentioned in earlier post about adding a “tap to wake” feature to lessen the burden/load of the buttons.

if you have “tap to wake” instead of top or bottom button press, and then use smart touch on screen shortcut for “recent task apps” you will use the hardware buttons at the very least 50% less.

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I’ve had a Kospet Hope Lite for about 5 months now and I think my “Power/Back” button is starting to become erratic in it’s function…so I’ll be taking a look at the “Floating touch” or “Smart touch” apps to see which is best before the button gives out completely. Shame really because I thought I’d got lucky and snagged one that wasn’t going to have this problem :woozy_face:…ah well, at least you can find helpful solutions on the forum!:+1::+1: Cheers, Doons

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My back button is fine, but my power button feels “grungy”. I’m going to open her up to see what the story is. I’ll keep you posted, so don’t send it back until I have a look at mine.


Yeah, mine too. I’d hate if it died now when we finally got twrp for our watches and real fun only has started.