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Dear Sir,

I would like to know if is it possible create an home page in our smartwatch with the preferred APPs or a folder with the downloaded preferred appa inside, that we can recall in some way, in order to don’t have to search for apps in the menu list.


You need to use a different launcher for that. Try downloading nova launcher or something similar from the play store, then you’ll be able to customise your home screen as you usually do on android smartphones

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You can create a watchface with shortcuts to your Favorit apps.

Of course, but you can’t use watchfaces in this case.

Yes, right

With UL you can put preferred apps first.


Eric is right. Just press and hold the Icon and chose “prefered”. This works for all apps, so you can make your favorit app spear on the top of the appdrawer.

From these forums: Assistive Touch
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Hopefully one will work for you.

I’ve installed Nova. Great!!!



You’re welcome!