International firmware - update from SD Card (No FlashTools) - Suitable for LEM12 Pro & APPLLP 2 Updated 2021.06.26

Hello! It is very good! Can you modify it for lem14? It would be even nicer :+1:
Best Regards :wink::+1::+1::+1::+1:


hey I’m really glad you’ve been able to use these excellent firmwares and wfd versions for ages while the rest of us can’t.
Makes a lot of sense. Anwyay, the new firmware looks good but as far as I’m concerned, it’s too late.
I’m already eyeing the faw replacement.

Well, maybe this is exactly how we can win you back. :wink: It was necessary to test and improve this for so long. We wanted it to be perfect.
About WFD: We didn’t want to withhold anything from anyone. It was a beta version that was not intended for publication. As soon as it was clear that there would be no more development for the time being, we made it accessible to everyone.


To be honest it was far from perfect for ages and as soon as a issue was found and fixed another was found . As @G1NT0N1C said we only released it when it was complete . The tale behind WFD is very sad and we still hope Marco is okay . We kept it under wraps for ages as it wasnt ours to give away


Not to get overly excited about this, but I’M ECSTATIC!!! My favorite apps, Floating Toucher and Display Brightness, work perfectly on this new firmware. They last through screen off and on without relaunching and survive power off and reboot, loading seamlessly on startup as expected. With the Floating Toucher top button activated to turn the screen off, and with the new double tap to brighten screen activated, there’s no need to touch the side buttons for anything. I feel like a teenager in love. Pablo11, you and the team who diligently worked on this, are beyond words. Big Hat Tip to you all.


What he said.

[quote=“SmartWatch_Ticks, post:30, topic:62413, full:true”]
Not to get overly excited about this, I feel like a teenager in love. [/quote]

I don’t know whether to laugh at being a teenager in love. A precursor to so much confusion and angst. You and I had different experiences as teenagers

On topic please…
I will move these posts to the right place.
No offence but feedback about this FW is the aim of this


I have sent you a pm


Just double checking. When you say you have removed all the default apps, does that include the pedometer and heart rate apps?

No, they are present.


Thanks to all the FAW team and Wiiteer for this huge work, this is a great advance in firmware development and will produce an increase in user productivity. As I have not been able to use it yet, I wanted to ask if it is possible to root it, or at least use Magisk modules with this version if it is not possible to root it. Thanks

I see, but then will the Magisk modules I need to use work without doing at least a systemless rooting?

Couldn’t it be developed for s999…?

No, this won’t happen.

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This makes me wanna flash it right now

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Want to upgrade so bad for tap for wake up mode but as I understand it is risky guess I would better don’t do anything what would you think?

Absolutely not.

Flashing the firnware is not risky if you follow the instructions . We can guide you on this

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Maybe there will be official update???Maybe wait before kospet will release official update?0