I got "rufus cuff" which is i believe lemt repackage but need help figuring out the right firmware to use

So this is the firmware version. Technically it says its a RC088. But I think its a lemt as opposed to a ticwris because the wallpapers that are live do not work. I do want that functionality so was just wondering if anyone could help point me in the direction of the software I should use. I think the w software it looks like. But do not want to anything until I can get some help. Thanks again

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Live wallpaper, usually do not work on our watches.
It would be better to have a backup of your fw before anything, so make sure you get it from the company.

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Sorry I meant the live watchfaces. Like when I use only part of the watch face shows. Also how do I back up the firmware?

Then, just install Universal Launcher, it will run those watchfaces. It’s less risky.


If you want to back it up yourself, you can use the readback function in sp flash tools. Make it read emmc_boot_1 from 0x0 to 0x40000 and emmc_user from 0x0 to 0xcf000000 and then check with WwR MTK that everything important is there


I will upload the official Rufus firmware.
Probably later tonight or tomorrow,
To be honest I did not think anyone would go for it - but there you go :slight_smile:


I have a developer edition (root/unlocked) Rufus. Would this be useful to share?

I finally got mine too. Following this thread

How did you check root? I asked for developer edition as well and its not rooted but its in development mode. Probably going to flash the firmware anyway but disappointed it didn’t come with root.

Looks like I didn’t get root, only the dumb ‘developer mode’. Anyone else having driver issues under Win10, as I keep getting the below error on the drivers I can find here:
Connect BROM failed: STATUS_ERR(-1073676287)

What drivers are you using?
You should be using the one click installer in the attached file.

It is also possible that they have blocked firmware read back for flash tools… But I would be surprised… :thinking:

When you say that you do not have root…how do you test this?

Have you used ADB commands to check root status?
You would need to use busybox and Magisk patched boot to enable root in the software interface but you should be able to use remount commands etc if you do have root.

I have RC088 v0.4 & v0.3.
I will upload them tonight (Australian time)

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Thank you! Turns out my error was down to using USB3 in a virtual machine image, Changing to USB2 fixed all the errors I had.

Which of these do you personally run? The Rufus firmware was acceptable but felt slow. But GSM and Play Store worked as expected

I prefer the Ticwris Max fw to be honest.
But be sure to keep the original firmware I have posted for you.
Some screens are using different drivers…

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Thanks for the personal response!
I used the Ticwris firmware which is vastly quicker than the Rufus one, although there are multiple spelling errors which Rufus seem to have corrected in their build. The Rufus image also gave what seemed to be better battery life (but at the expense of performance). I recall some very old Android builds were best matched to specific radio’s - is this still the case?

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Not in this case.
The board hardware is the same in this model and the LEM T, Ticwris Max DM100 and the Rufus.
They all have the same radio.

The only real difference between some models is the screen type used.

Everything I flash shows me stripes and I can’t see anything and everything is black and white.
Did it happen to you?
How should I flash it? download only? with or without preloader?

I just got my Rufus Cuffs.
It’s so slow … I saw a new firmware for it. I flashed it (maybe wrongly) and now I only see stripes in my screen. I don’t know if I damaged anything or It’s just a wrong firmware.
I flashed the Ticwris v1 version and now I see it but still have those stripes.
Any ideas? :slight_smile:
And after I waited for 7 years …

Futurama_Lila_with Communicator

Rufus Cuffs, hmmmmm

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