How to trigger google maps menu

Hi there,

I updated the firmware of the kospet prime se to the last v1.5b.
Then I find I cannot trigger google maps menu any more, which I could get by tapping on the account name in the right corner or sweeping from left to right before. In this situation, I have no idea how can I download offline maps for my watch.

The same issue often appears when I try many other apks. I always cannot see or tap some button near the corners.

I wonder if there is an effective way to access the full screen of an application on the limited round screen, such as move the content or zoom in/out ?

Thanks for you attention.

The square mode doesn’t show it ?

Hi . As eric said you have square mode which should work . Have you factory reset watch after your update ? Its recommended . Also try this app as it has options you may use

Thank you Eric, the square mode is the general and fininal solution for such issue.
Thank you Dr. Andy, Settings Search is a very useful tool for small screen android device.

I am so happy here, a great forum for full android watch users.


Was it OTA update ? Tougth that there was no updates for the Prime SE
@wukui how did you update?

Can you tell if is there any update for my Prime SE ?

A little bit off topic here…
Yes, there is an Update. Still Android 7.1, but a newer Firmware. Connect your watch with your WLAN. Goto settings- about watch- System update. Tap on download. Then install.
We recommend performing a factory reset afterwards.

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@G1NT0N1C tx a lot but i tryed that and gives me this answer

This is my wactch status ob terms if versions etc etc

There is an v.1.5 available…

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OTA ? As you could see, cant find it

I have to admit that I never use OTA. I personally prefer to flash firmware manually.
Some people got it OTA:-Prime SE firmware update
Here you find the firmware if you want to flash it manually:-

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@G1NT0N1C never done a smartwatch flash, is there a tutorial ? That i can do step by step ?

i just readed that you are using a mac. No way to flash manually with a mac, sorry.

I was told you cannot flash SE version.
I bought my SE in June with 1.4 and just got OTA thisvweek for 1.5

Of course it’s possible:-
But a Windows PC is needed.

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Also buy in June but not even the 1.4 Version has. I have the 1.2B

About the step by step for flashing the smartwatch. Anything ?

We have a very good search function. You might think about check it out… :wink: Here we go:-

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Many thanks. I will do this flash and i’ll offer the Kospet, was the first and only Kospet i had.