How to root a smartwatch?

How to root lemfo lem 8 running v1.5 ?
… Please provide a step by step tutorial …the easy way.

A video if possible.


I’m assuming you have not bothered to search or look anywhere on this forum ?


I did checked the root and twrp thread…but was unable to understand.

Thanks for the quick reply :blush:

In this case it’s not a good idea…


Ohkk…I tried with kingroot also but nothing happened.

We always advise against using kingroot

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There are some good and detailed instructions on how to root our watches here in the forum. Even a video on our YouTube channel. We strongly advise against one-click solutions, which in most cases bring unwanted malware to the device.
Read through the instructions in peace. If you do not understand it, do not do it.

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Ohk .
Thanks for the advice mate :+1::slightly_smiling_face:.
Can you share the video link please ?

I can’t find the video, but here is the link with a detailed discription what to do:

Thanks for the help mate …:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Hi Pablo I just want to know that is this kospet prime S root able with magisk or through any means? Then I want to root my watch? Are there any methods available for spd device kospet prime S?

Are there anyone who have successfully rooted KOSPET PRIME S? Or is it un-rootable completely by any means?

No, it has not been done as you can probably see by looking in this thread.

The main reason why is because root is only possible if preloader is unlocked and even then, only magisk modules might work.
As long as there is no attempt to modify the system partition.

What would you do with root access?
Just curious…

Bro If this watch can be rootable then I can adjust the color saturation as well as reduce red and green a little bit through color booster apk which need root also I can increase the black color intensity as well after the last update

Yes - unfortunately - as I said before, if you were lucky enough to gain root access it will only work for Magisk Manager modules.
The problem is - even patching boot can lead to boot-loop. Even if you are using the advanced CANARY Magisk manager for this partition layout.
I’m not going to go into great detail about this, but firmware image integrity is defined by a singed key and a metadata cache. Any modification to most FW images results in boot-looping and flash back to stock FW.
You can research this on the web and see what you think.
There may be ways to get around root but not modifying system image.

If you want to try and get back to earlier FW version, then you should email and give them the details of your watch.

Rooting is not going to work out on this device - in our experience anyway.

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