GaoFit vs wiiwatch 2 for a Lem 12 Pro?

Which app is more suitable for the Lem Pro 12???

I have an Oneplus Smartphone

Neither . Use watchdroid . Much more stable and reliable . You will find info on this app on this forum


Dr_Andy_Vishnu I have a problem with the bluetooth he is connecting-disconnecting-connecting-disconnecting bluetooth with my Oneplus 7 T Pro

Because he doesn’t has a stable connection i can’t connect with Watch Droid.

Can you help me out?

Hi . You need to turn off battery saver in watchdroid to stop the app going to sleep . Also allow watchdroid unlimited data access . If the app is optimized turn it off

The problem is not the app I think but the bluetooth connection
He makes connection and disconnect after 2-3 seconds and sort on
This is my problem
Do you or anyone else has a solution for that?

I already gave a hard reset to my smartwatch configurate everything again did make new bluetooth connection with my phone still same problem

I did what was standing here also

If you watch / phone has a hardware issue there is nothing we can do . However this is unlikely . If you allow all the mentioned permissions i am sure it will work .

Read this

I think I will take away all other Bluetooth devices to see if it works then
I can not imagine it will not work

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