Lem 12 - bluetooth

just got my lem12 smartwatch…
i update it to the latest version.

but i can’t connect it with Bluetooth. the phone and the watch are see each other but when i try to connect it it says for 1 second connect and that’s it…
try with watchdroid and with wiiwatch 2

try it on lg g2 on xiaomi note 7 and on poco phone f1.

will be glad for help.

If you’ve already tried wiiwatch, please perform a factory reset first. Then install watchdroid again. Open watchsettings and enable unrestricted data use for watchdroid. Then disable battery saver.
Battery saver must be disabled on your mobile, too.
Don’t use the QR Code for pairing. Pair your devices manually in the Bluetooth setting.

just did it…
still nothing

So, check battery saver again.

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with watchdroid it seems to half work.
in Bluetooth setting it won’t connect but in watchdroid it’s seems fine.
should it be like that?

also i really want a certain watch screen but because of the Bluetooth won’t recognize i can’t seem to do it.

have a suggestion?

it’s Mytrix from facer

facer doesn’t work with android watches anyways, but there are some matrix faces in this forum as well, for example this one:


Hahaha! I already forgot this one! Thanks!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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