Full interactive Watchface with Calories

Here you are. Took me some time…
God, I’m a nerd if I have holidays :see_no_evil:
Has anybody got an idea, why it does not use the Moon Picture at night?



It does not show calories here, because WFD does not know array type 54 and I took the clock skin model from the folder :innocent:

quiet a job great, i do like

WOW! This is a masterpiece! I love the 3d ‘trinkets’ around the face at the hours positions! Many cool things to gaze at! Thank you!

It’s not that hard to use arraytypes that are not currently integrated with WFD:
Design the face and put a supported array type in the desired location, for example Arraytype Steps. Then open the Clockskin file, search clockskin xml and open it with an editor. Now only the Arraytype Steps has to be changed to Arraytype calories.


Don’t forget to touch them after gazing at them :blush:

For some links to work properly you may have to edit the app address in the script via editor according to the apps installed on your device.

Camera, Phone, Brightness and Alarm the standart apps on my Optimus Pro.

Alarm -> touch the Digiclock
Brightness -> touch the Setting Wheel Symbol
Phone -> touch the Phone Symbol
Camera -> guess what :grinning:

You can find the correct links with Package Name Viewer.


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That’s what I did.

Do you have an idea about the Moon problem.
I put the correct picture with the Cloudy Night and “Sunshine at night” settings.
Is it working on your watches? Is it because I use 24h display?

Are you running the newest UL Version?

Thank you. I, too, have an Optimus Pro so excellent!


Hey, do we need to use any specific launcher for the touch actions or it works with stock launcher itself on optimus pro??

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Stock launcher is fine . Works great


This is my first post, and first thank you to this community that I’ve discovered.
I just bought my first smartwatch, Kospet Hope, middle of range. Didn’t want to waste too much money. I’ve been underwhelmed. For me, the only reason to have a smartwatch is to be able do tasks faster than pulling a phone out and doing it on that. So far the only thing that I’ve been able to do faster is to tell the time. Everything else requires navigating through fiddly menus. Too slow. Forget it.
Now this!
Finally, I can have a useful watch face that I can launch apps from. This is a game changer! Odin, you are a legend! Maybe I haven’t wasted my money on a smartwatch after all. I even followed your advice and downloaded Package Name Viewer and then edited the clock_skin.xml to open my favourite music player Pi (which actually works well on the watch) when I touch the music notes. Amazing. Also, my Hope isn’t touch responsive around the edge of the screen (makes typing on the watch impossibe) so I edited the X and Y coordinates to move the responsive areas of this watch face in a bit from the edge and now I can make them work. Awesome!
Thank you, thank you.
Now how do I start making my own watch faces?

Really nice work! The interactive touch while new adds a new level to aspect to watch faces

Don’t go pushing too hard on the G spot, gents. Recipe for disaster.

As for the watchface–those interactive buttons are revolutionary, particularly the assistant one.

Odin this is a beautiful watchface…thanks for sharing it. I am very in-experienced with watchfaces but did load this in my watch clockskins file recently because I need interactive watchfaces with quick access to my voice recorder and camera. The only touchable link buttons I can get to work on it in my Optimus. 2 Stock Launcher watch is the weather …the battery settings and the brightness setting … If I need to load certain apps or change permission settings or add the Universal Launcher to make it work please let me know… I loaded several watchskins last night and none of them will open my camera or my phone dialer some won’t open the Google assistant and if the music link does open it opens my cc file browser

You will need to customize it for your watch. How this works is described here:

-A short how-to about arraytype 100

@Odin wasn’t online for a while, I think he won’t answer soon.

Thanks … I’ll go read it and work on it asap

A lot of the clockskins are made for A7.1.1. Some are made for A10 . As mentioned they have to be adjusted manually to work .

Check this one out

I made it for the upcoming FAW firmware that will run on your watch . Install google assistant and whatsapp for two of the functions to work along with this to give you a shortcut to the forum

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Thank you I’m in the process of changing addresses in the code right now. I was planning to install the WhatsApp so will do I have the assistant installed

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