Difficulties upgrading

I am opening this for chat about people who have issues updating using the FAW update zip.

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I would like to be among the 95% every day I try it and I will never be able to do it. I would like to update this new update mainly to improve the battery that runs out in one day.

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You must use the update.zip that is labelled LEGACY.
This is the zip for people coming from stock firmware.
You have V1.4 installed so you need the legacy zip file for the Prime 2.
This one:

Please try this and let me know what happens.
Please make sure your watch is charged to more than 70%.
Just to be sure.

I have version 1.4 installed again and again I don’t know where I make a mistake

Ok, so did you try installing the file above?

Yes, exactly and again with an error

I am attaching a version

Ok, for you and only you… I have no idea what to say.
So I recommend that you stay with the stock firmware.

Absolutely no one else has this problem so maybe your Prime 2 is special…

Yep, exactly the same as all the others…
But for some reason yours is not accepting the update.

Did you factory reset your watch after all this?

Full data wipe factory reset?

Yes, I did it twice

Ok - so I think you cannot update unless you use flash tools.
It is past the point of trying to troubleshoot
But I guarantee - if I had that watch in my hands - I would be able to upgrade it.
You must be missing something because it works for everyone else

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If I knew what I was missing, it might have already been updated, but I don’t know what. What annoys me the most is that the batteries run down so quickly.
But I’m not a professional to use flash
I wouldn’t do that

But thank you, I will have to reconcile and stay with the old version

I advise you to take the OTA.
If you are connected to the Internet on Wi-Fi you can check for updates in the wireless update app

Here I try this every day via wifi. If I knew that kospet would not do updates automatically, I would not buy kospet prime 2.

What is the use of a watch that discharges in 30 hours

And I don’t do much about them just here and there

Well, that means that there is a problem.
If you are not even getting the official OTA then there is a problem

And Kospet is doing it automatically.
If you have looked at the support thread you will see that v2.1 OTA has been available for a while now

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And where can be the problem in my watch

What should I do to have those updates.

Can you show a picture of the local update folder?

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