New firmware OTA

Just had a OTA download of V 2.1 20210517-1343


@admins what’s new in this version ?

I would guess it’s this:


No it’s not…
It’s a version where they are trying a hybrid before they are convinced that the fully changed version is accepted.

I guess part of the problem is that the uptake and feedback here has not been as convincing as they hoped.

If it was an overwhelming response they would probably have gone directly to the new style.

Anyway, let’s see what happens…

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I think part of the problem is even though I may be only speaking for myself I found the prospect of flashing the firmware daunting so I didn’t try it.

Looking at the flashing tutorials even though I have flashed many firmwares onto phones I have always researched it fully before I did it

The tutorials that have been presented to us here have had some conflicting instructions which have stopped me from doing it.

I refer a vid linked in the firmware post about making sure you have the correct item selected for secure boot

A couple have said that you choose download only and 1 said to change to firmware and download

There are others but I have not seen a definitive tutorial for this firmware but just more generic ones

I’m sure others are the same if we had step by step guide that was just for this firmware and watch then I would have a go at it but not while I am unsure of getting it right.

Yes, I appreciate this.
You are probably correct.
The problem is that I don’t have time to produce a tutorial.
I was in the same situation when I started this years ago but I just had a look around…

The secure file process is not applicable to these devices.
The process of flashing MTK devices has not changed in many years so the tutorial on Mr Ticks channel and the one on our channel still apply.

The only difference between download only and firmware upgrade in the flash tool is that download only does not format system and just overwrites it.
So I always recommend a full factory reset if you use it.
Firmware Upgrade is exactly what it says… It formats system and userdata and a couple of things so that you get a clean update…

MTK devices are actually extremely hard to brick.

I plan to make some new videos in the near future.
Step by step with captions.
One movie is MTK flash + mtk driver install.
I hope the first films will be made in June in suitable quality.

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I just updated. At the moment the first thing I noticed is that they have changed the some icons.

Yes and few other things…

The good news is that we have solved (hopefully) the problem with the OTA to the international firmware.
Working with Wiitee has been very interesting and they are really good people. :+1:


First off a big shout out to you and Wiitee for collaborating on this international firmware update! A few days ago I finally got the Prime 2 and immediately received the 2.1 OTA firmware update. If I’m understanding correctly, this isn’t the same as the international firmware that you two have produced and there’s a chance that there won’t be an OTA of it.

Mr.Tick’s video shows some nice features of the international firmware but I’m hesitant to flashing the device due to the possibility of something going array and the fact that I haven’t had a chance to enjoy the new device. I did read that the file can be downloaded and saved to the watch, then check for firmware update, and load the firmware that way but in my case I will need to revert back to the stock firmware before doing so.

This guy is on 2.1 OTA

He seems to have no issues.

As I said in the first post of the international firmware thread , if you are worried about it you can flash the firmware back to 1.4 and then update to this one.


Got the update today, it makes everything easily readable by forcing maps etc into a square screen with better resolution.

Also some icon changes and a new menu style (I think)

All in all it makes the watch better than before, other changes include the messages and phone interface.

If you want reset to it’s original firmware version how you do that?

You need to flash a older version of the firmware . There are various guides and tutorials on this website on how to do this

How called topics so I can find ?

Thnx a lot
P.S LOL I forgot that I don’t have cable

If you can charge your watch, you have the cable ?

That’s the problem I don’t have cable xd