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I am new to this forum, and I just discovered that there is such a thing as Full Android Watch a few days ago. Having used a LG Watch Sport with LTE, and many Android apps, this FAW really looks exciting to me, but I am having doubts with battery life, because of the experience with the LG watch, and I have a few questions.

  • Which FAW brand/model is best ? Posting in this group as I am considering Kospet Prime 4G because of the big battery.

  • I notice the OS is Android 7, isn’t there many apps which won’t install because they require higher OS version ?

  • With all features on, incl. 4G and AOD, does the battery ever last less than a full day ? Asking because I place my watch on the charger every night, so my goal is just to be sure to have 1 days usage between charges.

  • How about privacy, they are Chinese watches, and I would guess under much less supervision than Huawei.

  • Where to buy when living in EU.

Hope I will be well received, even though some of the questions may seem silly to you (I hope they are not).


Check out this post, if you haven’t already and welcome aboard! :slightly_smiling_face:

You may want to re-post your query there as well!


Hi and welcome . You will struggle to kill the battery of the prime in a day . Its amazing . Apart from the Lem10 which is rectangular its the best round watch to date . Most playstore apps work and very well . Privacy is fine but banking doesnt work so all good . Lots of different sellers online



Thanks Tim,

Good to hear about the battery, thanks.
Sounds like you find the square watches better, on which criteria, battery, form factor ?
You specifically mention the Lem10, how are they compared ? Is the software the same, but different hardware ?

Kind regards

Its personal choice and i love both the prime and Lem10 . If you prefer round and huge battery go prime . If you want rectangular go lem10 ( smaller battery but still great ) . Both run android 7.1.1


I notice from the YouTube reviews, that there is an extra appstore in the watch, with a few apps, like e.g. Facebook. What is the reason for this, why not install these from Google play ?


… China. :laughing:

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I see, so this is only a problem for those in that region, and from EU location I should be able to finde those apps in the ordinary Play Store ?

Yes . You will be fine with most apps


I am realizing by now that there seems not to be a AOD solution for this watch, which I find disappointing. Even with 1 pixel visors, which should use very little power, it would be nice that the watch actually has the primary function of a watch, to display the time…
I notice the Thor 5 has this option, but then with the lesser battery capacity, I guess I wouldn’t be as certain to have a guaranteed full day of power as with the Prime ?

It is still unclear whether the Thor’s screen will survive the always-on option for a long time. @SmartWatch_Ticks makes a test if it destroys the screen. If this is not the case, you could also use this feature on the Kospet Prime with the Universal Launcher. However, I doubt that this is a good idea for an IPS display.


I see that people use different launchers than the default, like UL or Nova.
What are the advantages of that, is it pure because they just like the other launcher type better, or is there more functionally becoming available with these ?

Well, I can only report on the universal launcher. The Universal Launcher offers several advantages over the Stocklauncher: On the one hand, it can use .watch-files. Also a bunch of functions within clockskin files that are not available on stocklauncher: For example ° C / ° F switch, miles / KM switch, GIF support and some more. And third, the support of icon packs and the individual arrangement of the icons in the drawer app.


I agree . Have a good read of this

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I see there are also different notification sync with phone systems.

What are the advantages of them, why choose one over the other ?

Does any of them sync notifications over LTE, when away from phone ?

Dotsfar - Saw you were considering a Kospet Prime as am I… Did you purchase it and - if so - tell me your opinion of its size. It seems to be very big/bulky, but that may only be because I like my watches to be compact/slim.


Hi Doubledad

Yes, I got it finally (Xmas business made it lie several days with DHL “Express” in Hong Kong without getting served).

I have had the Garmin Fénix 3 and LG Watch Sport before, and I like big watches (or I am by now used to) so much that “normal” watch sizes feels tiny and will break the small buttons… So I guess I am perhaps the wrong to ask, but my answer is:

It IS the biggest watch I ever had, and I don’t mind, actually think I like it :ok_hand:

Too bad we don’t have these available in shops, because with how you feel about big watches, you should have the opportunity to try one out.

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I also have the Prime and yes it is huge but seems in proportion and it needs some room for that battery. To be fair my other watch is a Pebble Time Round, which is probably one of the thinnest smart watches. I’m not yet sure which I prefer because I have a specific need and that is to help with monitoring my blood glucose (I’m T1D).

4 days left! Only $99 Kospet Prime SE 1GB/16GB

Ouch that’s the 1GB/16GB model - I don’t think anyone here will recommend not getting the 3GB/32GB.

Edit: Oups, I am wrong - surely @G1NT0N1C is to better judge this than me, see below.

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