Black White Stripes Issues after Re-Flashing

I have purchased DM100 on 25/March/2021. All functions are working great but when i install my sim

card into my watch, signal strength is showing but no network or call can be achieved. I am sharing screenshots of my problem.
I have flashed it with Ticwris 1.2 version but problem was from the time i got my watch as fresh delivery.

Will be thankful if anyone suggest me solution regarding my issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Normally a reboot makes this work

I have done that but it’s not working. I think it’s IMEI kinda block thing as i saw in other posts.

May i ask where you live ?

India …

Yes . Then it certainly will be a imei problem

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I have white screen issue after successful flashing with SP tool. I made a mess of re-flashing with same firmware i.e TICWRIS_MAX_V1.2_20200107.

Got “Green Ok” in SP Tool but watch screen showing white and black screen with nothing coming up.

Ok, you’ve flashed the wrong firmware. There are different screens for this watch. Do you have saved the original firmware?

I hate to say but nope.

It would have been helpful to read something in this forum beforehand … So we have to look for a suitable firmware.

Yes mate, paying price of my ignorance.
It will be helpful if anyone can help me out with this stuck up issue :roll_eyes:

Try this one:

-TICWRIS_MAX_V1.2_20200107_OpenWith7zip.7z - Google Drive

After downloading, i have to open SP Tool and put android scatter file >> Choose Download Only >> than hit download button >> than connect it with my watch

Am i right here in process ?

Please use “firmware update” instead of.

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Sure , i try it now and let you know

Getting same screen of white black stripes mate

try this one: - Google Drive

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Sure mate…

I am only changing “Download Only” to “Firmware Upgrade”. I am not unchecking any option shown to me in SP Tool.

That’s right. Just change to “firmware update”.

Watch is now opening and showing me options but a bar type line is showing in middle of screen.