Battery life

Greetings, Mr. Eric Sorry for any inconvenience

I recently got the Genesis
but I I have a problem with the battery running out quickly in 8 hour only It is completely empty
without sim card
and all of applications in the background closed
Also I make the factory reset

Also check the luminosity and Google sync. In the first days battery is calibrating, so let keep surveying…

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some tips and tricks, might work for your watch (minus the flashing firmware part)

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Jason asked for volunteers to do a battery test on the Kronus FaceBook page. Start with all 3 devices fully charged and run the watch only charging it with the power bank and charging bank. I just finished my test here is the result.


You just don’t know how jealous this makes me. I can’t get I hours out of mine…

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@Jwells523 have you flashed the firmware?
Its the easiest first step to take and if problem is still there use a battery monitoring app from the play store.
Something is badly wrong if you are lucky to get one hour… That’s terrible.


Here is what you need for flashing the firmware

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Not sure what is wrong, your post does not make sense. I assume you mean 1 hour and not I hour. A fully charged watch even with BT,Wi-fi, GPS, Sim on, Ped on would get more than one hour from a charge. I run BT, Sim and Ped on all the time. Turn on Wi-fi, GPS and data only when need and then turn them back off. I run Watch Driod all the time to get texts and call notifications. I get 24-36 hours from a charge on average. Less if I listen to a little music or watch a few videos. The watch can not compete with your phone, with its large battery.

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I use my watch a lot, I have to use the portable dock twice a day usually. But I use it a lot. One thing I just noticed is that even with the sim card out it was still searching for service constantly. Make sure you turn on airplane mode of you don’t have a SIM card in. MyScreen_2020-06-16-14-44-48

Thats a lot of charging in one day ?

Do you have google sync on
Do you gave pedometer on
Do you leave wifi and gps on

These are a big drain on battery .

Yes all of those on and they are important to me, I cast Netflix a lot to my TV for the kids. Do video chatting with them. I’m not worried about charging it so much that’s why I got one with the potable dock with it. Put it on for 30 mins once it gets to 50% and it’s back up to full power

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Fair enough . As you are aware its not a problem . Some users turn and leave everything on and expect it to perform like there mobile phone :+1:


Hi, I’ve had my genesis for over a week and my battery seems to last about 4 to 5 hours and I do not use it that much. I own a prime so I know a fair bit about these watches and I’m not comparing it to my prime for one second.
I’ve done 3 factory resets and still the same, my settings match my prime and that run with no issues.
I have my sim installed also tried without my sim.
My question is if I flash will it make the battery better or is that what people are getting from the battery?


All I can say is I don’t have the same issue with my Genesis. I would say after about 14 hours use (from getting out of bed, going to work, coming home) I am usually at about 60% battery life remaining.

Wow thanks for the reply thats what I was expecting as I really won’t be using it that much. Mainly texts and a few calls so should be alot better than what I’m getting. Battery seems to get a battering but nothing shows up what’s causing the issue.
I had 80% battery and the power saving menu said I’ve got 1hr 50 mins
So something is happening.

Here’s what you do. Let the battery run down to about 20 to 15 percent. Put it on charger for 24 hours. Take off charger and be should turn off blue, WiFi, local services icons. You can reach this by swiping down on face and to the left. Let watch run down again. This will train the battery and it will last full day maybe two even with Bluetooth and WiFi turned. Using GPS will shorten battery life as will the other services. But the battery is quite decent in my opinion.

Thanks for the info.
You can also try the battery training app that @Jonathan_Bickel posted

Lithium ion batteries are not supposed to have a “memory” but it seems that they can in some cases.

You can try wake lock detection apps from the play store to track down what is drawing power from the battery.

There is an app called MTKnoLED. This might solve your problem. You can read about it here:
-My Kospet Optimus Pro Drain Battery So Fast

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