Array Types for Watchfaces (Calories, Distance, etc.)

Hey I’ve just found out that

Calories are Array Type 54
Distance is Array Type 60
Weather is AT 10
Temp AT 11
Battery AT 14
Steps AT 12
Heartrate AT 13
Month AT 3
Day of Week AT 5
Date AT 4

Can somebody tell me if there are Array Types for Sunset, Sunrise, Day of Year, Week of Year etc.?


AWESOME! Thank you! I will try to find more!

Have you seen my post on Array Type 100?

= Interactive Watchface without Launcher


These are the arrays that I know of!



Thank you Edward, but did you know about the hidden beauties in between (AT54 + AT60)? :wink:
Are there more?

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Nope, would you share Please!

I found those two in a clockskin from this page and became curious…
At the moment I am a total nerd all morning and use a test watchface to go through the numbers…

AT 55 shows me “06”, but I don’t know what it is…


A few days ago I got a response, that an interactive watchface was impossible…
and here we are with Arraytype 100! :innocent:


most of my clockskins for lem10 use arrays 54, 60 and even more not disclosed the new retro wave and check the customizable step ring indicator for example…

@G1NT0N1C blue radar face, it has other arrays which allows for switchable C/F & mi/km units, really not seen elsewhere afaik.

lastly, you do realize we have tools so that you don’t have to know each and every array type? WFD and clockskinmaker comes to mind


It would be nice to have a repository for array type descriptions, syntax, and how to use them!

it’s not always so straight forward. some array types have dependencies on other arrays in order to be visible for example. it’d be a little convoluted trying to explain some of the array types.

but yeah I agree we would all benefit

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Obviously not all possible options are available in these programmes…

If you lke to be a nerd too:


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Nerd Here! First computer was Atari 400!

I’m working down from 54.
Maybe you can do the job from 16 upwards :crazy_face:

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will try but it may not be easy

R_Sauvalle may be right. Even if there is something, it may depend on other factors…

Nothing interestin till 20…
AT31 is the year alone and AT51 is 06 again…

Feel like an explorer…
seasick :nauseated_face:

Does anybody have an idea, what these numbers mean?
They may also be numbercodes for images though…

Anyways that is what appears, if you give your watch numbers to play with these ArrayTypes (big numbers).

AT 17 is decreasing with Steps (opposed to calories?)
AT 101 is not a timestamp, is it?

Have fun finding out:

Have you looked here ?

Also note that a lot of extension only work with UL


here is my personal list. Some of them needs Universal launcher to run. Please notice that some of them are not included in CSM and WFD. You need to change directly in XML
Have fun.

1 yearmonthday

2 monthday

3 month

4 day

5 weekday

6 hourminute

7 hour

8 minute

9 second

10 weather

11 temperature

12 steps

13 heartrate

14 baterylevel

16 year

17 battery arc

18 arc steps

19 moon phase

54 kcal

60 distance

69 bluetooth

70 GPS

71 Wifi

73 quitemode on/off

99 charging bat

100 tap action

101 Year Month Day (YY/MM/DD)

1001 distance

1002 distance unit (0=KM, 1=miles)

1011 temp unit (0=C, 1=F)


pedometer text : 97
heartrate text : 98

Battery arc : 17

Moon : 19

@G1NT0N1C almost 100% correct list, lol just change 17 to battery arc :wink: