Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

Ah ok, I didn’t noticed that. I can’t confirm now, but I will try to figure it out.

Glad to have found this site have a lot to learn here and thanks for accepting sorry for my bad English. Im using auto translation.

Don’t worry about your english, mate. It’s great.


version 1.4 I confirm that everything works except whatsapp,skype audio with Google assistant activated.May I ask if there is a way to update the weather automatically? Thank you

p.p.s found another small bug in all you tube versions when I put the square monitor the low keys don’t work

Yes, I understand.
I know that LEM16 will flash on APPLLP 4 as I have tested it.
I just can’t confirm anything about APPLLP 2 because we don’t have it to test.

Please keep this thread clean. If you want to share a watchface, post it in the “round android watchfaces” section.


Hi sir,
just an update regarding my watch lokmat appllp 2 pro and for information, today i have flash my watch with lemfo lem 16 firmware version 1.4 and it is compatible, the branding logo start up changes before lokmat now it become lemfo and so far everything is normal. I was scared doing the flashing but it was successful thank you.


Good news. Thanks for the info. :handshake:


First post updated with the new LOKMAT APPLLP 4 Pro firmware (full Flash Tool version) that was made two days ago.
No change log provided and I have not had time to test it, apologies for that.
APPLLP 4 Pro owners should be getting an OTA about now.


New updated lokmat firmware, i will try to flash this fw with my appllp 2 pro watch if i have free time and feedback here. Thanks

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FYI all,
I’m removing the fault spreadsheet for two reasons.

  1. no one has gone to the sheet to report any problems have been solved.
  2. it is being accessed by non members who are misusing it rather than becoming a member and writing in this thread.

Sorry folks.

In some better news - we have started working on an international firmware for the Z40 models.
This is costing us money.
If you are interested in this development please send me a private message.
If no one is interested, we will not bother with it.
By International - I mean similar to the FAW international firmware project we did for A10 which is here


is the z40 the lem16?

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Yes. Both, the Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and the LEM16.


Thanks,in that case, im happy with the firmware as is with the last OTA update version 1.4, apart from no audio when video calling

@jim_joc I meant post it here in right place.

If you have only had it for a short time, you should return it to where you purchased it and get a refund / replacement.
As long as the problem is not a result of something that you have done, like trying to root it - it will be fine.

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We had reports that the audio and video was now working, unless Google Assistant was active in the background.
Is this not the case?
Unfortunately the spreadsheet was not getting updated about issues that had been fixed.
Only issues that needed to be fixed.
So it was unmanageable.
After an OTA, the fixes need to be confirmed as working.
Otherwise the firmware team in China don’t know if the problem is resolved.
I suspect that there will not be any further OTAs after v1.4.

Anyway, I was asking people to message me if they were interested in an international firmware for the Z40.
No need to post here in the main thread that you are not interested :joy:


oh yeah, forgot about disabling google assistant,

Good news that there will be an international firmware for this android watch, the tap the screen function to wake up the watch is the best, since sometimes the lift to wake is not functioning well, hoping soon for international firmware.


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