Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

Good to know my power bank isn’t failing due to an issue with the battery itself and that it is a known issue with the interaction of the watch charging system and the power bank that is stopping it from fully charging the watch. While this has bugged me for quite some time now it can be lived with. Thanks for making the flash update available should folk choose to use it. It is a shame that the manufacturers may decide to leave early adopters on a version that has the issue while they apply the version that solves the trouble to newly manufactured stock. Just business I suppose. The previous ota’s did improve the watch.

Hi all,
I have just received my Z40 4G Sim card Smart Watch a few days ago, and that’s how I ended up here in the forum. The standard watch faces are not what I want, and it doesn’t have a great selection of watch faces. I found a few awesome looking faces on the forum, but now i have difficulty installing them on the watch. The other issue i have with the watch is that, although they say in the specs that it has great battery life, it actually doesn’t. The battery doesn’t even last 1 day. If I may ask assistance from anyone on the forum that has the same smart watch, to assist me installing new watch faces on the watch I would really appreciate it.

If you have a PC, load the desired ZIP file onto your PC. Then unzip it. Connect your PC to the watch using the charging cable. Now move the unzipped file to the folder called Clockskin.
If you now go to the selection menu of the watch compartments by pressing the active watch face on the watch, you have to scroll to the end and click on the refresh button. After that you can find your newly installed watchface.


Thank you so much, this has really helped me.
much appreciated


You are welcome.


Did you factory reset before using then update to latest firmware ? Its advised

Biggest battery killers are -

Wifi always on
Location always on
Raise to wake on
Apps running in background at all times ( Whatsapp for example is a bad one )

With good management you should be okay

When you become more experienced with usage this should be usefull for you


Does the APPLLP 4 not have a stock QR scanner?
The default camera app is not recognizing any codes

Not as an app I believe.
Only for pairing devices.
Or maybe in the settings?

Anyway, I just installed one on mine because I don’t use the Chinese browser or QR scanner.
Mine is Kaspersky and I use Chrome


What’s a good way to export activity (biometrics/route) to a desktop PC?
Can I get it directly from the file system?

Unfortunately I have no idea.
I don’t use these as fitness monitoring devices.
I would have thought that using Google Fit or similar might help, but I have to admit that exporting data from the custom fitness app is a total unknown for me.
Maybe someone else can help?


Not with the stock app but if you use My Running App there are various export options


Thanks @Dr_Andy_Vishnu
I wasn’t sure if this was still working.
Much appreciated :+1:


Thanks for everyone’s replies.
Another thing: Is the issue where the watch won’t connect to a network with invisible SSID a known bug?

Hello All,
I am still very new to the android watch world. If I want to install the My Running App to the watch, do I need to install it on my phone as well? I am not sure how it works.
Thank you in advance.

Hi . No , just install it on your watch only . Thanks


Hello, I had a lemfo 12 pro and when flashing the ota I could double tap to wake up the screen. Unfortunately, the device’s battery was defective. Some time ago I acquired lemfo 16, but I haven’t flashed them, I want to know if there is a version that allows double tapping to turn on the screen

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No, there is not.
The tap to wake version you flashed on the other device was made by us.
We don’t have the resources to make one for the LEM16.
I wish we did, because it is a great device.


We can’t raise enough money to compensate the developer to help me with this work.
It’s a big project because it is a different chipset and none of our previous work can be used for this.
The guy who works with me has a paid job of his own and so his time is precious.
The same applies to me.
We don’t want to ask anyone for donations to achieve this because it always causes arguments.
Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to make it.

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From experience it seems like the watch fully closes any non-system app that is not open when the screen switches off.
Is there a way to keep apps open in the background?
I thought the lock symbol via the system menu might do so, but this isn’t the case.

A quick search for “background apps” and you can find this