Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

This version camera still upside down
Whats app video call, and send pict from front camera.


@xwtk can you confirm this?
You are on the latest firmware I believe?


I have returned the watch already sadly.

But I have tested the camera using the native app (not WhatsApp), it is not inverted.

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Yeah thanks, but it is video calls only.
Appreciate the reply though :+1:

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Unfortunately you are still the only person reporting this issue @Banyubeningprotol
We need more people to be able to verify the issue.
Have you factory reset the device yet?
This is the first thing that Lemfo will ask you.
This should be in the main thread as well - I will move these posts so more people get to see it.

I’ll try reset factory, unbind… But Not affected
My device comeback on V.16


Ok thanks.
Were you on v1.5 and took OTA update to 1.6 firmware?
Also - is it Lemfo, Lokmat, Domiwear or unbranded Z40 watch?

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Im sure this is Lemfo from cover factory, and first time boot logo lemfo displayed…
But im not sure, why i’ve V1.6 on device, and nothing update, im dayli check, because, on thread still v.1.5…

Tommorow i send pict cover from device
Oh… where i’ve v1.5?? Maybe i’ll flash again

Latest version is v1.6 at the factory.
The latest here is 1.5 because I am concerned that 1.6 is unstable.
I have informed them of the problem with video calls.
You should also report it to the place where you purchased your watch.
So that lemfo is informed by customers.

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“Sir, can i flash to v1.5 to fix upside down camera??
Please help me to guide to flash…
Thanks for atenttion… :pray:
Galih From Indonesia”

@Banyubeningprotol please use this thread rather than sending me messages.
I simply don’t have the time to do this and I get so many messages, it’s not funny.
Please do not be offended, I am just pointing out that the purpose of the forum is to reach out to the community that has the experience and answers that you are looking for.

At the top of this thread is the firmware and you can flash to v1.5 if you want.
Regarding the flashing process, I believe it is very easy to find out about this from posts in this thread or by searching on the Hovatek website.
It’s different from the MTK process, but not much.
You still need the drivers, the unisoc flash tool etc…


Hi guys, can I have a link to the flashtool please?

My Watch is stuck in recoverymode for some reason and reboot is not working. Option ‘factory data reset’ is out of reach because there is no volume up/down. Or maybe any other suggestions? Thanks!

you’ll find the latest firmware and the needed tools at the beginning of this post. The flashing process is described, too. It’s a bit different to mtk chips.


Thanks, and Google removed the link to the flashtool. The firmware was still available.
@Dr_Andy_Vishnu thanks for sending the link!

Did you read @G1NT0N1C comment that the MTK flashtool doesnt work with this watch ?


I read it only was different, now I understand it doesn’t work. Any suggestions on how to get this great watch going again?

As already mentioned, the flashing process is described at the beginning of this thread. You can find all the tools and information you need there.


When trying to download the Unisoc, GDrive says " **We’re sorry. You can’t access this item because it is in violation of our [Terms of Service]"

yes i do…
link may broken sir… i hope team official can reuplod agains

2nd faulty LEM16 now at LEMFO warehouse. Awaiting replacement, specifically asked this time to test the watch before sending, estimated to be checked and sent next week.

No problem but no need to double post. Thankyou