Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 2&4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

Hi all,

Just FYI - until I get better Information and pricing
Lemfo and Lokmat have released the first A11 Android watch :+1:

New support threads will soon be available for both the Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and the LEM16.

It is generally known as the Z40.

There will be opportunities to purchase it at various price points, depending on which ad campaign you purchase from.
For now, I will just show you these details pending updates.
It is a Unisoc dual chip solution.
This means the Unisoc chip deals with Android - whilst the BT soc deals with sensors and BT information.
Similar to the Optimus 2 in this respect.
Same power saving launcher option as well.

This has a multi point touch screen - at least two point zoom
@SmartWatch_Ticks one is on its way to you for review :+1:
Mr Ticks review is now available here

We cannot personally tell you what it’s like yet because it’s not yet ready to ship - so the official thread will open once we have something to work with.
Here are the details:


LEM16-English-Specs.xlsx (109.6 KB)

Official page

FIRMWARE: Be aware that firmware downloads are for members only.!!!
It’s extremely easy to sign up here.

As always - AT YOUR OWN RISK - you can can flash the firmware if absolutely necessary.

It is more complicated than an MTK chipset but it is not too difficult.
I will link the tools needed for you.
Please research using the Unisoc sprd flash tool - MTK flash tools will not work

You have to extract the firmware file to a directory on your pc with no spaces in the path.
For example LEM16_Firmware

The flash tool is similar to MTK but with this flash tool you need to press the back button to put the watch in “flash mode” as you connect to the PC.

a) installing the drivers and reboot PC.
b) loading the firmware image in the flash tool.
c) Click Update / Download button in the flash tool software.
d) Power off the watch, connect USB cable to the watch and then press and hold the back button to enable watch flash mode and connect the other end of the USB cable to your PC.
e) Flash will begin automatically and after the blue bar has gone across in the flash tool twice - you can release the back button.


LEM16 v1.3

LEM16 v1.4 (LATEST)

LOKMAT APPLLP 4 Pro v1.3 reports indicate that this is also compatible with the APPLLP 2 Pro-Z40

LOKMAT APPLLP 4 Pro v1.4 reports indicate that this is also compatible with the APPLLP 2 Pro-Z40.

Unbranded LD_Z40 - don’t assume this will work on the branded models.!!
They may have different touch panels.

For any who need original firmware

Latest v1.5 - available by request:

Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro:

The process is the same as the Prime S and LEM P devices.
If you have any other questions - please research this on the Web.


We have a code for you to claim a discount when or if you order LEM16PETER10
Two big promotions happening:

  1. Launch = now - use the code above!!

  2. In August a big sale and if you use the code above - even more

The first five orders will also get a free BT watch using that code:


Realy good news- finaly! :grin::+1:


Yes - at last - a new Android watch :slight_smile:


Great news at last :+1:


Yepiiiiiiii :grinning:


It’s interesting, the 48hr standby time was observed during testing, with a Sim card inserted and active for calls.
Data disabled.
Incredible as it sounds - it is true…
This is directly from a chat between me and the head engineer from the solution provider - Wiiteer.
We work together and I trust him, always.


I’m eager to see the reviews. Even more eater to see the competitions next release. Full android watches seem to come out in batches.

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I can assure you this wont happen . Thanks


Great news for sure! Got one ordered up!! Thx for sharing!!

Good to see that R&D and product development is starting to get back on track, even if its slow to return.

BTW: tried my old TG acct…no go. ill figure out something…



Nice! I thought we would not see another Android watch! I wonder if specs will be accurate!

I attached the actual specs in a spreadsheet in the top post :+1:

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The 900mah battery is a bit disappointing, just have to say.

But the battery life is far from disappointing.
If they guys we talk to are correct, it’s probably the best standby time I’ve ever seen with a Sim card active…


Agreed . With this kind of battery life things will be even better :+1:

By the way people, if you order and do not pay - don’t expect to get the free BT watch.

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I’m saying this because I saw orders being placed and then not paid.
To get the free BT watch with the purchase - you need to pay and receive the watch.
If your order is cancelled, the free item will be passed on to the next customer.

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That could be me. For some reason my PayPal payments are being refused. I’ll cancel.

Going to be great fun :+1:

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