Allcall awatch gt problem with notifications

Hi.I’m new to the forum. I searched a bit in topics, but I did not find anything on the subject I wanted. I bought Allcall Awatch Gt and I have a problem with it. I use it in conjunction with the phone, not as a separate device. The application on the phone is Wiiwatch2. The problem is that the watch displays a lot of unnecessary notifications, e.g. about unlocking the phone, starting the application, downloading updates from the play store etc. I have not found anywhere to disable these notifications, so please help. Is it possible to turn off these notifications, or is there another phone application to operate this watch.

Have a look at watchdroid. You’ll find it at the playstore or, of course, here in the forum.
-Watch Droid Phone / Assistant

Thanks.Now everything works fine.Could I ask for some application to personalize the watch face? Then it will be full of happiness.

@Piotr_Kowalik What do you mean by “individualize”? We have thousands of watch faces for free download. Take a look at the different sections from our forum. How to install them is explained on our YouTube channel. Or you can use the “clockskin transfer” app.

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That’s what I meant, thanks.