Allcall awatch gt problem with notifications

Hi.I’m new to the forum. I searched a bit in topics, but I did not find anything on the subject I wanted. I bought Allcall Awatch Gt and I have a problem with it. I use it in conjunction with the phone, not as a separate device. The application on the phone is Wiiwatch2. The problem is that the watch displays a lot of unnecessary notifications, e.g. about unlocking the phone, starting the application, downloading updates from the play store etc. I have not found anywhere to disable these notifications, so please help. Is it possible to turn off these notifications, or is there another phone application to operate this watch.

Have a look at watchdroid. You’ll find it at the playstore or, of course, here in the forum.
-Watch Droid Phone / Assistant

Thanks.Now everything works fine.Could I ask for some application to personalize the watch face? Then it will be full of happiness.

@Piotr_Kowalik What do you mean by “individualize”? We have thousands of watch faces for free download. Take a look at the different sections from our forum. How to install them is explained on our YouTube channel. Or you can use the “clockskin transfer” app.

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That’s what I meant, thanks.

My problem with Allcall Awatch GT I don’t get any whatsapp notifications at all. Battery and data saver off, the notifications for whatsapp is on. Also online radio stops when the screen is off. It seems like it disables everthing in the background. And also I could nt find an update.

If you have a sim card installed , whatsapp installed on watch , and battery - data saver turned off there is no reason why you shouldnt recieve notifactions at all ?

When WhatsApp is on the front screen and I let the screen fade in 15 secs, I get notifications. I also checked the app notifications settings, they are all allowed. I am thinking to flash it with Kospet prime stock rom. But I need Allcall stock rom incase Kospet does not work.

I found it! Background cleaner menu under “More”. I didn’t have it on Lemfo Lem X. It disable apps in the background to save battery. Very cool actually. But comes enabled when the watch is run for the first time. That is a bit annoying.

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