A10 stock firmware download

@pablo11 ,in the download area there is firmware unreleased publicly for DM101,will this also work for ticwris max s? and i have requested access to it but had no reply,i remember last time there was some confusion about my e-mail…


As much as I know it is the same watch-hardware, DM101 and Ticwris Max S .

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The so called “stock” A10 Firmware for the DM101 is being suspended.
I have received complaints due to sellers on Aliexpress who are selling branded products which they have no right to and telling their customers it can be updated to Android 10 by visiting this forum.
They even provide a link and the file name.
This has got the attention of the wrong people now.
There are some heated arguments going on in the background.
So I have suspended the link.

When you are level 2, you can still request access to the FAW A10 Firmware though.


Look at this:

-Official Support thread for LEM14 - #361 by G1NT0N1C

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I do myself wait for being able to get least level 2 and be able to check updated firmware. This reminds me of frustrating Xiaomi to wait 168hours to unlock (and no way avoid).

Watchface designer is what you are looking for. You have to install java to make it work.

-WatchFaceDesigner_v0.14.1.zip - Google Drive

Here is the post about it:
-Watchface Designer


ok no problem…i already have the FAW A10 installed on my ticwris max s…i just wanted to download the unreleased A10 version as a back up,just incase i need it in the future…but no problem ,i have the best version anyway


So from your experience the FAW A10 is running perfectly on Ticwris Max S ? Wish I could have it…

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Hey guys, Im Dan a rookie Android developer who loves tinkering with tech.
I got one a Dm101 recently, really really cool watch, it gives me a fallout pipboy feel. :slight_smile: I even downloaded galaxy news radio from yt to have the music play when needed.

I am honestly looking forward to the release of this firmware.

I had one question, does safetynet attestation pass for the Android 10 removed firmware?
Theres an app called YASNAC to verify this.
It will fail to pass basic checks on the stock 7.1 firmware.

The reason I ask is, playing pokemon go on this watch has been a goal of mine, no matter what login method I use, it will fail to authenticate my login, i know the underlying issue is related to this.

Whilst waiting for my account to be approved I researched/ attempted what I could.

The furthest I managed to get is installing magisk and rooting the device by patching the boot.img file.
Its assuring some spyware has been frozen/ removed.
I even tried magisk hide and deny enforcing on all apps pokemon go checks prior to logging in.

Well thats my story thus far, I think this device has some great potential. I wanted to share my story on this.
Feel free to let me know if you got pokemon go to work on the newer firmware, its something I would love to see in action & I know it would mostly work due to the hardware, I dont care for AR features.

Feel free to get in touch with me directly as this page is public & I respect shared knowledge/ advise on this device.

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I think this is pretty self explanatory.
There is no update to A10 for the DM101.
We do have our own version of firmware made under agreement with the guys who made the stock Android 7 version.

When you reach level 2 member status you can read about it in the FAW firmware category.

There is no way to get apps that need certification to work on the Android 7 firmware.
That’s all I can say about that.


You are very lucky having this rare firmware.
The hardware is genuinely cool.
Shame the current OS is almost EOL by 2024 lets encrypt certificates will no longer work for Kitkat.
An upgrade is badly needed.
Hardware is reasonable.

Not really.
It’s just exactly the same as the Android 7 version.
Still insecure
No apps that need certification can run on it.
It was exactly like using the A7 version.

You are not missing anything.

This device runs A7 - not kitkat. That was a bit earlier.

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