Zeblaze Thor Pro apps, again

Greetings to all,
This is first time I write here and surely glad to be here.
More than two years ago I got a Zeblaze Thor Pro and this is the first time I use it (have been using other bands and watches in the mean time).
Can anyone please help me with a single fitness / notifications app that still works with this watch?
I have WiiWatch installed and works fine(ish) with the notifications, but nothing more than that.
Other apps on play store can not connect to the watch.

I’ve been using the Mi watch lite, and it has far more features than this one.

Can someone please help, before I put the Thor pro in the waste electronic bin :slight_smile:

Thank you.

First of all I have to admit that I am not a fan of Zeblaze watches. I would recommend using an app called watchdroid instead of wiiwatch. You can find it in the play store. There are 2 apps, one app is installed on the watch and the other on the Android smartphone.
Here in the forum you will find a download link for an app called “my Running App”. It works well on our watches. But I believe it was designed for running and not other sports.


Correct . Running and walking . The rest is useless :+1:


Thank you very much for the replies. I really appreciate it.
Do you know of any useful sleep tracking app?
One that can be installed on the phone and use the watch only as a measuring device?

Thank you again, and I’m so sorry for these probably annoying questions.

Sorry no and even if one claimed to give you results they would be worthless

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@Aleksandar_Pavlov I used to know this developer and was a beta tester many years ago.
It is a very cool app and should work on your watch - you can try it before paying to unlock it (well worth doing)
Haven’t tested it for years though…
Good luck


Thank you very much for the advice. I will try Sleep as android these days.
The Watch Droid app works fine too.
Do you have any advice on how to improve Bluetooth connectivity of the Thor pro?

Every note will be highly appreciated, since this poor bt reliability is really annoying. Thank you.

You have to enable unrestricted Data. Make sure that watchdroid is disabled in battery saver.
If this is done, the Bluetooth connection should be stable.


All permissions granted for watch droid and still awful bt connection.
Returned to WiiWatch since the bt connection is far better with the watch.

Can anyone please help me with the battery issue?
Is there anything I can do to make the battery last longer on the Thor pro?

Thank you very much.

The cause of your connection problem is that you were connected to wiiwatch first and then tried watchdroid. Unfortunately, it is necessary to perform a factory reset if you have already been connected to wiiwatch. Otherwise you will not get a stable connection with watchdroid. It has already been reported several times in the forum.

The battery problem is with the watch and cannot be solved. As mentioned before, I don’t have a high opinion of this brand.


And do you know any heart rate monitoring (continuous HR via BT) apps?
Or some which will look good on the round watch face?


Thank you very much for the links.
How can I install the apps on the watch?

For the Heart fit the watch gives me this message: “There was a problem parsing the package”.

The MRA cannot recognize the heart sensor.

Any suggestions how to fix this?
Thank you.

Hi download on pc and drag and drop into one of the watches folders . Tap on the file on watch and it will install . Allow all permissiions . Due to the watch being old its possible all functiions wont work

That is it. I’m returning to my Mi band 5 which I bought at the same time with the Thor pro.
Even though it is an old version now it still has far more features as compared to the Thor pro.
It has continuous heart rate monitoring (compared to only manual in Thor pro).
It has 11 sport modes (compared to only step count in Thor pro).
Far better app for notifications and data recording.
10 days of battery life (compare to 10 hrs in Thor pro).
I will never buy a Zeblaze product again.

Ah, did I mention that the Mi band 5 is waterproof.

Maybe the Thor pro was somewhat useful at the time of its appearance (though there are many complaints on this forum from that time as well).

Nowadays it is definitely a useless watch.

Now you know why we dont support them :+1: