Zblaze crashing

Help request, I have had my Zblaze Thor pro 3g for just over a year and I have a nano SIM with T-Mobile digits service. I have to keep it in airplane mode to save the battery and now when I leave airplane mode it crashes. I have reloaded the firmware once before and I am wondering if this is the only remedy for this.
All advice is welcome.

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Normally flashing and then a full reset fixes issues like this


Thank you for the advice. I have flashed the firmware and system reset, problem continues, my thought now is the battery. I have written Zblaze for a replacement, or I might be in the market for an upgrade. Any reliable favorites?

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To be honest i have searched my usual places for you and cannot find a battert . Sorry . Good luck with zeblaze contact

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Is there any way to directly contact Zblaze for support on the Thor Pro 3G? When I went to the website, there is support only for the newer watches.

I just got my Thor Pro, and I have a few questions that are not covered in the manual.

I don’t have a Zeblaze contact address because we don’t support this company.
However, if there are general questions, we may be able to help.


Thanks, @G1NT0N1C !

There are 2 settings in which the wording is incomplete, and the manual doesn’t explain them.

Settings/Display/APP Adaptati…

Settings/Connect/Restart App b…

Is there a way to resize the display so that it an app all fits in the screen. Including the corners. I saw it demonstrated by Mr. Ticks in one of his videos, but the toggle doesn’t exist.

Speaking of Mr. Ticks, @SmartWatch_Ticks he suggests the “Floating Commamder” app, which seems to have totally disappeared off the face of the WWW…

Press and hold the power button and click on the round circle . Screen will enter square mode . Do in reverse when finished

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I found that basic information in a post right after I asked the question.
I feel stupid missing it whenever I rebooted.

@Fullerhead What address did you use to write to Zblaze?

Service@zblaze.com I have not had any response from them.

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