Wiiwatch2 freezes my phone

Is anyone having issues with so Wiiwatch2 app interfering with incoming phone calls? My phone freezes occasionally when I answer a call. I disable some settings within the app, didn’t work, so I uninstalled wiiwatch2, my phone works as it should. I own a moto g power 2020 running android 10.

Hi . I have not come across this issue . Have you tried watch droid instead ? Its much better . Make sure you uninstall wiiwatch first

To be honest, the Watch Droid app isn’t much better. I installed the apps, not really impressed. In my opinion, the wiiwatch2 app would be better if it were improved. I’ll do without for now. My battery seems to last a few days now without wiiwatch2 connected.

Thats fair enough if you dont like it . Maybe look at the newer version ?

Good evening! Do you know what was in the update I just received? 6:45 pm on 8/26/2020. Thanks