What is the best Full Android Watch on the market?

Hello, I plan to buy a full android watch, currently I have a Android 10 Kospet Optimus 2, which was bought last year,
so , now I need to buy the Best Full Android Watch, which one is the best?

In my opinion still the " Optimus 2 " :+1:.


The Lemfo LEM15 is a very good watch, too, if the camera is not so important for you…


I see, so what is bad about the new Android 11 full android watch? I don’t remember the brand, it is already posted in this forum, I thought Android 11 is better than Android 10,

Is it because of the chip ? not as good as the chip in Kospet Optimus 2 ?

A11 has potential but its not finished . If it does improve the Lem16 would be a great buy

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This one, LEMFO LEM16 Android 11 6GB/128GB 4G SpO2 & Sleep Monitoring Smartwatch: Quick Overview - YouTube

in comparison to the Kospet Optimus 2, what is bad about the Lem 16 or the other Android 11 watch? I wish the Lem 16 have built in " touch to wake" function.

It hasn’t, sorry.

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Why not read the whole Lem16 thread . Hardware wise the Lem16 / Lokmat A11 are great . But you will see at this moment in time A11 needs work . The optimus 2 latest firmware is superb . All you need is in this forum


In MY gently opinion, since I’ve seen A LOT videos and spent A LOT hours studying this item/theme, because I had same question than you… I’ll say Lemfo LEMP or DM30 is the best.
I know you guys gonna say “that’s because you got a LEMP” and it could be truth really, but I got a LEMP because I’ve studied many FAWs to reach LEMP and I realize this watch has really a lot of logical, not disproportionate features, that fit it (again, on MY opinion) as best man’s FAW:

-64gb internal storage, 4 gb ram. Perfect for all mainly apps and daily operations. Not lags at all, and who’s gonna use REALLY 128 gb of internal storage on a watch???:crazy_face: I’ve installed at least 20 extra apps and have almost 200 watchfaces putted into him and at least 30 mp3 music songs and the guy barely have 8 gb of space used. Don’t know what else can say about it… It’s not a disproportionate number on my opinion.
-Android 9.1. Not the last Android 11, but really whips it. Not ANY bug known, it work perfect. None camera’s vertical/horizontal issues, not weather app issues… Not crashes… Apps go perfect on it, at least for MY view’s point. And the differences (at least) between A9/A10 are almost none to average eye’s user really. The main argue for say this is A9 didn’t had upgrades since it saw light a year and a half before on this watch. And A11 isn’t enough stable yet and I don’t know if it will be someday.
-Unisoc processor: yeah, there’s a lot people saying (I guess with valids arguments) than it’s a difficult processor for rooting proposals respect others like MKT, but who’s gonna REALLY need rooting a WATCH that’s work perfectly well? I guess that’s more I+D proposals than truly users need. I don’t know, I never needed to do that really.
-Camera’s disposition: unique smartwatch on the market that comes with a decent (and LOGICAL) disposition to take good pictures without having to extend your arm on an strange way like if you wanna shoot x-rays to somebody from your watch. The main and the selfie cameras have 5 mpx, which it’s not bad, or disproportionate for a watch. I’ll like the main would be 13 mpx like Optimus 2, but 5 mpx isn’t bad anyway, and I’ve seen too many FAWs with barely 2 mpx on the selfie camera, wich is HORRIBLE quality on my opinion (don’t know if it’s worth to have a selfie camera on that case neither). The rotative camera’s Optimus 2/Prime 2 is a risk for me since it uses a flex to connect it with main module, wich become the watch less water resistant or even can cause camera’s malfunction if the flex damage with use.
-Look and feel: I think LEMP it’s elegant to wear it (ie at office works, I work on a bank) at the same time it’s elegantly sport too. Doesn’t look bad on any situation (ie like a G-Shock, to say something) or a big/disproportionate screen for a watch (I think a round 2.1 inch screen doesn’t fits well on a wrist, maybe a square/rectangular screen but not carrying Android 7 at this time).

That’s my arguments, my opinions, the rest of specs are almost identical on all FAWs from A9 onwards, may be disagree with me but tried only to give you choices than let you decide who’s best for you too.

Best wishes!!!


Because of the camera, the battery, and international fw availability, the O2 is still my personal favorite, but the LEMP is now a close second. It’s the best looking FAW IMO, and one of the lightest, so it looks and feels great, and it just works.

I did notice one bug - Chrome won’t obey the square/circle setting - just like in the LEM16. The LEMP and LEM16 settings structures are also very similar so apparently they share a code base.


I will just write this :“if it ain’t broken don’t try and fix it” :blush: the one you have is great if it hadnt had this camera i would have bought it.
I…just hate cameras on smartwatches.


Jajajaja… Why?? Why you hate it?
I mean… Don’t use it often… But can save me on certain circumstances…
A couple of days ago I went my daughter’s elementary school and the teacher who received us didn’t want the meet was recorded by children’s parents present --who knows why.
But… can you guess the end of this story? :smile:
Anyway there’s another moments it can be useful too.

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Just to know… What does it mean “IMO”?
You catched me there, jeje

IMO = in my opinion


Boz, just to know, how long the O2 battery last?
With Lemp I usually get between one day and a half or two, with normal use. That includes battery saving on from 12:30 am/8 am, notifications on, biometrics on (tests every 5 min), and 3g (not 4g) on (only when wifi’s disconnected).

The firmware is the standard included. I don’t know the differences compared with international fw. I’ve tested chrome, but I prefer the navigator included, although barely fully use it. It works better on this FAW.
One thing I’ve noticed and mentioned here before, is there’s no difference I can visually appreciate between processors speed between Lemp and others like O2, prime 2, lem 14, 15, 16, basically I can’t appreciate processors speed differences between A9 and A10/A11 watches when opening, using apps or when install/uninstall them. It’s like if everything were the same watch on that aspect.

Just so you know the sport mode is not as one , i myself didnt know till @pablo11 mentioned it but i never had to use so…all good, i turned off anybpower saving and i get almost 40hrs before Bridge and Auto Update Weather i got just bit more than 48hrs same usage on lokmat 9 A10 i get 24hrs.


It’s a difficult question to answer @Claudio_Alejandro
Everyone uses watches differently.
Some make phone calls, texts, use Web searches, Google Assistant, weather updates and all different things.

Each one of these functions uses power.
For example,
I don’t use the watch for Web searches,
I don’t use Google Assistant,
I don’t really make many calls or text
I don’t have Wi-Fi or cellular data enabled
unless I need it.

In my case the Optimus 2 battery lasts for around 48 - 60 hours if left powered on the whole time.

But I guarantee that I am using the watch differently to many other people.

I will always say that the newer the version of Android is - the better the power management is.

You have to think of these devices the same way as you think about a regular mobile phone.
Each new release of an Android version on a phone has better power management and security and other features.

Android 9 has far better power handling than Android 7.
Android 10 and 11 have better power handling than Android 9.

So I always find it hard to answer the question “how long does the battery last” :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Yeah, I understand your point and were do you go with that, I surely can bet any Android version is better than previous versions, but I can’t be sure of how much with this watches… Same apps you’ve mentioned, I have it too, and even I have the same behavior than you. Except wifi’s always on and data’s enabled and seted 3g when wifi’s disconnected. Only this couple of friends consumes a significant energy’s amount by itself; when I turn off as you do, that significantly improves battery too, wich leads me to suspect there’s an average levels more or less similar between models and Android’s versions from A9…

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On this case it seems it depends exclusively from the processor model on lokmat 9… Otherwise 48 hs are great really by itself.

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