What do I do with my dead watches :-(

I currently have one dead 2-year-old Kospet Prime (wont charge - displays splash screen and red charging bar only). One dead 14-month-old Lemfo16 (completely dead and with strap anchors split). Several dead Zeblaze’s…I guess I should just throw them all in the trash :frowning:
Is there anything in them I could salvage? Do they have any little mini-SD cards or something inside?!

The longest living watch I have is my Kronos Blade…but it is strapless too, due to the same issues with splitting/perished plastic anchors for where the straps go!

A while back i put three on ebay as a spares bundle . I got £75 :+1:


Yep that’s the best way to proceed.
@aeger once you have put them up for sale on eBay, you can always add a link here for the sale platform.

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Since I am unable to access the data on the watches as they are dead, I would be worried about someone with more ‘know how’ being able to access data from them…not that there is much in them besides personal messages and phone numbers etc. but I would still be concerned about that…?

Yeah, it’s wise to be concerned, and if you can’t wipe them it’s probably better not to let them go to someone you don’t trust…


Hey! I’ll pay you for your Kronos Blade!
Trust is a tough thing but if we come to a price, I’ll give you my home address and you can see (county tax records GIS) that I’ve lived here for 20 years. We can work something out to establish trust.
Also, sounds like you can reset your Kronos if it’s only the watch band pins broken.

If you do send it, I believe the pins could be fixed with some steel reinforcing wire, some JB weld, and some paint.

I really wanna play with a transflective screen.
(though I get my cataract fixed end of Nov and should be able to see all screens then…triple bypass in Sept…still have to fix my other watch)

It’s not transflective.
It’s just reflective. Also prone to failure, but not too bad.

Thanks for the update. I thought the Kronos was readable in full daylight. My little wiki/db I put that and a blakely (?) as daylight readable. (thought there was a youtube video showing it)

Please let me know if I’m wrong. If it’s not daylight readable, I dont want to buy it.

Yep it’s readable.
Just not transflective Technology.

It’s long out of production though.
And you definitely don’t want to buy it second hand.
In my opinion that is.
The factory that made them were not good at all and many of them had to be returned or refunded.
I feel sorry for Kronos because I’m pretty sure that he actually lost money on this model :confused:


Yeah, I read some of the old posts. It looked good. His idea was good. It just didnt pan out.
I really wish someone would allow customization of watch creation.
Get the cheapo for $100 but add a steel case for $150. Drop the cell and save $25. Get a larger battery +$25. Add transflective display, …

I still have to fix my APPLLP 9 that I bricked. I saw your how to flash info. Thanks. Health issues have kept me offline for 2 months. Feeling better now. Gonna unbrick the APPLLP 9, get my 3d printer/cnc/EDM to cut steel and make a new case. Dreams! :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you are better :+1:
I would not make a steel case because it is bad for BT and WiFi, which in turn drains the battery.
That’s why you never see stainless steel watch cases anymore.
Not since the Finow X7.

It’s not the pins, its the anchor arms on the watch casing that have perished, split and broken away…and in my attempts to hold the broken pieces of plastic together I have used super glue, some of which got smeared on the watch face (and I love a transflective screen). Anyway, the glue did not last, hence it is now a pocket watch with glue on its face :disappointed:

Also, I have 2 original Zeblaze Thor Pro’s that have metal casing and transflective or reflective screens…that both still work, but really old hardware/software

And sadly, the Kronos Blade has had another setback, the casing is pulling apart at the seams, just noticed it tonight when I saw that it wasn’t charging up like normal. I have now fully retired it and it shall be given an honourable burial. It was a good watch.
The Kospet Optimus 2 is now out of its box and ready to brave the world…hopefully for a longer time than its cousin the Prime did.

I’m interested in all 3! Wanna sell? For cheap?
I still use ancient android software on some ancient phones. Newer is not always better when you factor in cost, learning, gimmicing done by companies…just marketing in general. A functional device is still functional even if old.

(ps- I still have my Motorola Motoactv ( Motoactv - Wikipedia ). Guess what it does…still works.

If you’re willing to sell them, I’d really like to fit a reflective/transflective display into my collection. If I quit talking and start doing…I’m going to try to recase my APPLLP 9 into a metal case.

The older I get…the more I tinker.

Let me think about it!

If you can’t erase the data, yes - think carefully about what you decide.

I am able to erase the data from my Kronos Blade, it still charges if placed on its dock carefully (most of the time…sometimes have to press it down as the case is splitting apart). Also, I am able to erase the data on a Thor Pro and a Thor 4 Dual…that’s 3 watches altogether (2 of which have reflective screens).
I would however have to bin my Kospet Prime and Lemfo 16, as both of these don’t boot-up or seem to charge.
The other problem I have is that I am in Australia, which makes shipping to USA or elsewhere a bit too expensive for common sense. Also, I have reached a point where I am not sure which charging cable is for which watch, but I do have the appropriate ‘docks’.

I’m in Australia too.
If I can help with the two that you can’t revive, I’ll try.
Depends on how far away you are, postage etc.
I’m near Penrith NSW.