What causes my battery to drain so fast...?

I have been using my LEMFO Lem T since Dec.7/2020.
The battery is draining so fast that I am extremely disappointed.
It takes it only 3 hours to get below 20%, while I am not even using the device apart from accidental touches. (with only WiFi on… no GPS, no mobile data, etc)
I have watched a lot of videos / etc, looking for settings but… I have no clue why the battery perfoms so poorly.

A few things that can cause drain

App running in background you have installed

Google sync turned on

Pedometer turned on

Raise to wake on

Sometimes good to see what you did before drain . You could always factory reset and start again


Abnormal, use one since 1 year and no problem during the whole day with heavy use…

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu is right. Also make sure that GPS is disabled if not needed. And you might switch to “prefere 3g network”.

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Is Bluetooth enabled?

I found out on LEM10 that it is scanning a lot when enabled and this is draining the battery by about 10% for around 20 minutes.
Look for the app Bluetooth visibility Fix in the Play Store, you can change the visibility settings to only known devices and it did improve the battery usage drastically.

Could be something else, but it could help.

Google Sync is turned on, yes. And when WiFi is turned on as well… the draining is incredibly fast. :frowning: (At the same time, my smartphone battery works OK with sync and WiFi.)

Fair enough but your watch isnt a smartphone when it comes to size . If you use wifi when needed and turn off sync you will see a huge difference


The conception of percent based consumption is somewhat flawed, as you have a minimum defined consumption for the hardware that can’t be changed.

For example the standby usage of the hardware is around ~10mAh, that would roughly translate to 400 hours standby on a 4000mAh battery and 90hours for a 900mAh battery.

This is around 0.25% per hour for the 4000mAh battery and around 1.10% for the 900mAh battery, but it sounds a lot worse for the smaller battery even if the total consumption is identical.


Even with WiFi/BT/GPS/etc off, mine can drain at a pace of “one percent per one, max two minute” when I use it (when the sceen is on)… And no multiple applications… just one at a time.(Actually, ever since it arrived from abroad, when not at home, I have been in constant fear of draining it too early.) When I don’t touch it (under the above circumstances), it drops 1% per hour.

there are few cases

  1. not doing factory reset before using it, so do factory reset first.
  2. if using solution 1 still not good, do full charge into 100% and drain it until 0% one time.
  3. defective battery.

well first time got the watch I also got 1% battery per hour drain (2g signal, wifi on, pedo on, flip wake on). but after charging it to 100% and drain it to 0% at least once my battery from 75% to 25% (2g signal and wifi on) sometimes took 2 days (rarely screen on and mostly standby) or about 3 hour or less youtube playing with bt speaker

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One question… I have done some research in the meantime:
The applications I have tried so far show my battery capacitiy to be only 1000 mAh… (Not 2700 or 2800 that I thought it should be.)

Or… what app is used for correctly displaying “design capacity”?

i’ve faced this battery problem a lot… then later I realized… this is a watch with additional sim+3G/4G+Bluetooth+GPS kind of features. if you will use this watch as a “watch+steps” then you will get almost 4+ days… And if you will use it as a smart phone with 3G/4G on and watching youtube… or listing music, or using whatsapp video or audio calls and even simple Sim calls… then battery will last an hour or two…

So my suggestion is… take it as a watch… and get benefits of additional services as needed only. Keep for notifications, keep GPS On but only on cellular and wifi (if you want to)… otherwise builtin GPS only… and keeping both on will push the processor to maximum use for location accuracy. And normal use of checking time … heartbeat a few times a day… notifications etc… you will get almost a day …

this is a tip… I do some times… it really saves battery.
Go to you “setting->about watch-> all the way bottom… tap 7~8 times on Build number”
go to the bottom …and enable.

  1. Don’t keep activities… this will kill application not in use as soon as you will leave them
  2. or change the Background process limit to 1, or no background process.

Last but not least…
I bought my watch on 28th of Jan 2020… And after facing a lot battery issue… the seller then said…
You should charge your battery for at least more than 24+hrs… before the first use… and after that… do give it a full discharge and full charge every once in a month…

I hope… you will get good battery backup…

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For clarification. The only things I use tha mini smathphone for:

  • accidentally touching the screen to know what time it is
    With WiFi/GPS/pedometer/heartbeat counter/BT/GPS/etc … each OFF.
    (no notifications… There is only the “4G/LTE” ON… even “mobile data” is OFF.)

Under the above circumstances

  • even occasionally listening to music (via headphone) for 20 minutes takes 10% of the battery.

BTW, when charging, it takes the battery about an hour (or less) to reach 100% even from around 10%. Is that okay? Or did I mess it up already at the beginning?

I can’t say how much should it take…
I’m a lem10 user… And I solved this by altering charging cable.

Try charging your phone in Air-Plane mode… or when this is fully OFF… and see how much does it take time.

3rdly… please charge your one once at least for prolong time… may be for 12+ hrs.

This was something I chatted with Lemfo seller on AliExpress.

Give it a try

“3C All-in-One Toolbox” says my battery is only 1000 mAh… The same app says correctly that the battery in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is 4000 mAh.
Is it possible that the seller sent me a Lem T with such a weak battery?!?!?!

Go to settings then power saving. A chart and list of app battery usage will be displayed. Make sure standby intelligent power is enabled.
Go to settings then more then system work mode. Set mode to normal.
Go to settings then more then app settings then special access then battery optimization. Tap on not optimized. A menu will open tap all apps. Press your home button and restart the watch.

no, 1000mah is the kernel default settings (devs and lemfo doesn’t bother to change it) the real battery is still around 2880mah (at least in battery cover). if you want to know take apart the watch then you will see.