What are your top Daily to Useful apps?

Are there annoying ads all the time?

There aren’t any ads at all when you use the button… Only if you go to the app to customize the button.

Great list ! Wish I could watch Netflix on my Kospet Optimus 2 but it it’s one of the few apps that crash on my watch. I too plan on having it read pdf books to me since I have a ginormous collection of them that I need to start absorbing.I am going to try the @Voice Aloud Reader app for that apparently from your list I see I’ll prolly need to add Google text to speech… . Getting a new set of bone conduction headphones for it. I just added a new fine point active stylus and it works like a charm on every touch screen. but on the watch it handles all the hard to reach places. I also use a pocket size mini BT4.2 keyboard for typing docs on it and just got 2 tws mini Altec Lancing h2O 3 speakers I can hook to my purse strap and tried them on my Optimus. If I use the Bass Booster app with them they are completely distortion-less, sound like you’reat a live concert and can supply a party with 6+ hours of max volume tunes from my watch :blush: I will try out your HeartOnTop app in your list for fitness apps and if anyone knows how I can get Netflix on my Optimus2 to to work please do tell. Netflix point to a security issue

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Netflix works on the upcoming FAW firmware :+1: . I have tested it . Wont be long now

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Thanks Dr Andy, I don’t mean to be dense but I’m a bit unclear on what the Full Android Watch new firmware is. ?? Are you talking about an ota of Android 11 ? I have been wondering if this watch will be capable of full new android system updates. Firmware did update to 1.7 before I did my new watch must factory reset routine. Despite my software glitch frustrations you hear me inquiring about here, I do love having this watch. For me the hardware is excellent. So until Kospet comes out with a watch that has . another triple GPS, …8 core processor,… 6 gb of ram,…128 gb rom, HD Flash camera, BP capability,… and USA 5G connectivity this pup is going to be my “go to device” synced to my phone and tablet. And I suppose I’ll battle with work-arounds until I self educate on all of it. Would love the new FAW firmware to make it easier. Note I did download the watchface designer soft ware for windows pc by adding Java and the app for my tablet and phone. not sure if I need it in my watch for transfer receiving ??. The Netflix app does come in handy on a decent. watch screen if you are somewhere stuck in a waiting room.

Hi . The FAW firmware is a firmware that has been developed by @pablo11 and @none on this forum . It will need installing to your watch . It works brilliantly and really improves the usuability of your watch . Works in harmony with all google apps / syncing . Netflix works just fine . A10 . As for watch face designer . To transfer to watch the clockskins you need the clockskin transfer app on pc and watch . Personally i’m not a fan of this method as i do most of my transfering with a pc

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Thanks got it …I might need guidance on flashing … I usually avoid stuff like rooting but in this case I do want Netflix and Google calendar on it. The only other app I’m sadly having to do with out on it is PayPal here credit card processing app. I own a little shop that have square and PayPal Here Bluetooth contactless processors linked to their apps on my phone . Since the Opt2 does have good GPS capabilities And a strong 4G signal everywhere I want to switch my money earning process to it but the PayPal Here app log in screen wont switch to square screen to let me click to proceed, had to delete it… Maybe the FAW firmware will help that too

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Just to prepare people.
When I make the FAW International firmware public you will need to be on stock firmware if you want to use it.
The update package is a zip file which needs to be copied to the watch local storage.
After that you open the watch settings app and select “About Watch” then “Wireless Update”
Change to square mode and click on the 3 dot menu on the top right of the screen.
Select local update and select the zip file you transferred to the watch storage.
Select the zip file.
Click OK and let it perform the update.
Give it ten minutes to complete the update, regardless of whether you think it is ready.
Ensure that your watch is fully charged before you do this.
Once complete - make a full factory reset.

That’s it.

So, when I open the thread later - you will see these same instructions regardless of which model you are updating.

I hope this helps you to understand the process.


Thanks @Dr_Andy_Vishnu
The only thing I have to say is that you will not need flashing tools unless you are not currently using stock firmware.

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I have had no problems using PayPal in the International firmware.
Should be ok :+1:

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If I have installed old FAW firmware 1.2, I must first flash original stock firmware and then the new FAW?

Yes, that’s right.

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Are you talking about the standard PayPal app or the PayPal Here app used for credit card processing ? I’m on an Optimus 2 it could just be a unique thing specific to my watch but the PayPal Here app (that is necessary to connect to it’s Bluetooth credit card processor) will not shrink into square screen mode to let me click to finish my log in. Maybe when I try my hand a flashing the new FAW firmware It will help ? I have never flashed firmware before and my watch is less than two weeks old so I’m taking time to learn this process before I jump right in I have downloaded all that Dr Andy gave me here though. And unzipped…it lol.

Hi . As mentioned as you are on the stock firmware you wont need to flash . There is another method which will be explained again when posted . I have only ever used the standard paypal app in uk on FAW firmware and it works and switches to square mode just fine


You’re welcome lisa, glad I could be of use. Please be aware that some of the apps are a bit obsolete nowdays, like the heart on top. However, there’s a new app that does the same thing but it’s new. Search for it or ask about it-

Good luck with the watch and music!

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Update …scratching the PayPal Here app trouble off my list… It turned out to not be my watch glitching or me. It was PayPal themselves rerouting me in the app to force me to buy a new service and hardware if I am to continue to use them processing credit cards in my shop… This one will get fixed with a phone call to their reps :roll_eyes:

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guess I’ll have to search around here and get ready to flash.

Newest update on solutions without custom firmware. The Netflix solution was easy but took a while to jar my memory … Since I also have a Chinese Android TV box I’ve been down the route of "your device is not Google play protect certified " before… Netflix only requires a sideload of older version and do not update it. So now I can finish watching Downton Abby on my watch :smile: The Pay Pal Here credit card processing app screw up proved very interesting and beneficial to my shop. . The Pay Pal here system is now functioning. on my Optimus 2 with my old by PayPal Here Bluetooth processors. The watch screen is so sm I failed to see an overlay issue with the button to let me proceed, however I did call into to PayPal about it and decided to add their new Zettle app credit card processing system to my watch …other devices and my shop, so they sent me their new Bluetooth reader for Zettle and seemingly signed my business up effortlessly for that system too .so now I have a third credit card processing system for my little shop and nifty watch/phone/mini tablet the Optimus2 magician :smile: problems solved. Now if only I can budget myself to 200 more apps on this little beast without eating up too much more of it’s storage :roll_eyes:


Hi all,
Just to add in another vote for smart touch, great app.

Miui shade - I tried a lot of shade apps and this one hasn’t failed me yet, takes a bit to get used to swiping up but you can add apps to quick settings if you go pro. (I do Google opinions surveys for play creds)

Google opinions - works ok in round mode too for me at regular dpi, but also no reason to delete from phone.

Yt music vanced - no ads YouTube music

Audacy - my local stations are on there and also podcasts

BubbleUPnP/Jellyfin/Plex/etc for dlna stuff works great

Not an app but triple click to zoom in accessibility settings, helps you get a lot of off screen elements without going to square mode. If you have two finger touchscreen you can scroll that way also.

Accessibility settings shortcut - is an app to help get your services enabled

Hidden settings apps - helps you get to advanced settings like text size etc

Tiny calendar - Google calendar won’t work on my Android 9.1 watch, but tiny calendar syncs it and has a ton of awesome widget options. My favorite is agenda for 30 days.

Hyperlocal weather- awesome widgets for weather detailed with universal launcher (another obvious mention)

Outlook, Gmail, Google assistant, home, blink for my house cameras, Amazon for shipping updates, same with AliExpress.

TeamViewer host (android to android remote desktop).

Maps(for nav)

Pluto tv

Solid explorer for smb/ftp/file browser etc.
WebMD for allergy forecast widget :slight_smile:

Hope I helped!!


Thanks for your detailed post :+1:

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