New sports App with hr sensor for our watches

As you know gliderun has its quirks, and no longer developed. Also, it doesn’t record steps for some reason on my thor pro 3g.

I’ve been talking to a developer to integrate support for our heartrate sensors similar to gliderun and heart on top.

This sports app has strava and Google fit support. It can say a lot of things and great GPS tracking. I will be testing the added feature and will let you know when it’s fully functional.

The app is “MyRunningApp GPS Running Bike” by Elia Marzia. I’ve just subscribed for a very low annual fee. Free version has everthing working, but has sometimes small banners with ads. The app can let you track GPS every second or up to once an hour. This should allow for long hikes to be tracked as well on our watch. The text to speech will give you all the details at every km/mile you’d want, from pace to current heart rate or steps and congratulate you when you break records. There’s plenty more but try it out, get the manual :slight_smile:


BTW, if you run heart on top on top (see what I did there?) of MyRunningApp and have both syncing to Google fit, you’ll get the session with an average heart rate. So it will combine both sources. Make sure heart on top only registers heart rate, no additional stuff. And if your sessions on Google fit on your watch don’t sync to your phone, just log in and out of the fit account on your watch.

I haven’t found a way to sync google stuff unless I log in and out of the different google services. Oh well

Update: HR sensor working on my thor pro 3g, will test in an hour


gread app, but no hr on my kospet pro :joy:

It’s in internal beta testing for now. (just the Hr part)


ok i am waiting it is important for my workout

Hey Rob! Your avatar would actually make a great background for a watch face, and guess where the hands and tick marks would go LOL!:laughing:

yes he is nice hey, got it from the internet somewhere a long time ago if you want to use it, go ahead. he is not mine.:dizzy_face:

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Any update ol boy?! What’s the word?

Also, any thoughts on battery life as compared to using Google fit. Google fit seems pretty draining.

I’m also curious about the GPS timing options.
Looks like default is 1 second, but what happens if set to 5 seconds… How much does that effect it.

Anyways… I’ve been using Google fit… Not so good.
Now using myrunningapp and so far seems much better. Will go for first run with it today.

I guess looking forward to the HR coming

@Brandonoouah Click upper right corner to switch between free map and normal view. While in normal view, after work out, scroll down in selected session to get to share button which really is also for synchronizimg to strava and Google fit.

App will be in beta release very soon, go to play store and make sure you join the beta release.

Regarding GPS, you should check the manual, it’s in the settings. I wouldn’t be surprised if changing probing intervals would make a difference in battery life. Test it and let us know
Please consider paying the small amount he asks for, for a better experience and prove to him supporting our full android watches is worth it.


Thanks for the info!
Yes I figured out the strava sync. It worked flawlessly this morning.
I will definitely go and join the beta.
And have no problem paying something for his effort.
Yes I’m sure it effects battery life. I’m going for a long run in a bit and will have a nice report on returnm

Already seems better than Fit, and much easier to use on the round screen.

I spent A LOT of time finding the best running app. We’re so lucky that the developer agreed to support the full android hardware


@Brandonoouah check if changing GPS intervals messes up with Strava average pace :slight_smile:

You know… Funny… I did notice that those fields were blank this morning on strava. I thought it was because I was walking too slow :rofl:

Seems that it does.

I just checked Google play… How do I join the beta?

Yeah, strava is a little silly that way.

See if you can join the beta in the play store on your phone instead

Yea I was on my phone when I tried. Where to look?
Just back. 2 hour run.
Bluetooth music, myrunningapp gps on whole time.
A few minutes here and there screen on time.
A couple photos and a 15 second video.
GPS update every second. 5meters.
38% drain from 100%.
Pretty good I guess.
Super intense sun. Wearing watch on uderside of left wrist.
I’m curious if Bluetooth uses more power if it doesn’t have a great connection. I notice that if I wear the watch on right arm, it’s closer to the BT that is on the right ear piece. Maybe?

Also, I really don’t need average pace and all that, so I could easily try a 5 second gps interval. Or at least play with it.

One issue. The audio cues on myrunningapp seem to cause a bit of a problem with the connection while playing music. The music cut off a couple times, even though still playing on the music player. Seemed to be something with the audio from the app telling distance and such. I turned that off and didn’t have any BT music issues again. But I did have to turn off bt on the watch and back on to get it to reconnect back to the headphones. Seems to be he myrunningapp takes over.

OK. Good stuff.

It should say join the beta. Are you currently running (pardon the pun) with the free version or the paid one?

I didn’t notice a battery drain with the app, even with 1 sec and 5 m GPS intervals. It uses about what I would expect. I will do a long test one of these days with 1 minute updates.

I noticed the audio coaching stops temporary the heart rate monitoring on the app, but checking analysis afterwards, it seems it still recorded it fine. So yeah, there’s also something fishy about the TTS audio priority. Are you using Google text to speech? Have you tried pico TTS? For me audio cues don’t mess with BT.

The only thing interfering I noticed was the EQ music player I downloaded with the heartrate. I switched to audioplayer and it got stabilized. I will try different music player next time.

I’m now officially better off with full android than my wearOS watch :slight_smile: yay


I did go ahead and pay the 2.99. So yes, paid.
I also just downloaded some offline maps. and installed successfully. Didn’t have those on the run though.

What do you mean, no drain? At all? Or nothing excessive?
Yes Google tts.
Will maybe try that.

I did find out the join beta link. My application is “in process” it says.
Yes, cool, I would like to use heartrate monitor.
I guess I’ll be able to on beta…

Of course it uses battery :slight_smile: just not abnormally lot.

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Thank you for this! So can I also use it for bodybuilding training? If you want I can go in and take the test?