WFD Font Bug, seen it before. Now I can't fix

How do I get rid of these cutoffs on the edges of the font? (check circled area) I’m doing this atm and when I choose italic and cente/right alignment, this happens. I have tried fixing with alignment off-sets and digit spacing.

Also, I created a fitting live background but I wonder if it’s better without for performance and battery life?

I have had this happen loads of times with WFD . Putting it simply i have found WFD seems to like some fonts more than others ? Which is odd . I also have tried all available options but no joy. The new upcoming version is the same also . As for live backgrounds i use all the time and have noticed no difference to battery drain with normal use

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There is a slider to increase the distance between the digits. This should help. If not, the old method of creating the digits manually in a drawing program and inserting them as an image remains.

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True mate but the slider with some fonts has this problem :+1:

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Yeah, as I said in the OP, I had already tried digit spacing among other things. It doesn’t look too bad, adds more style to the font. Hah

Thanks for your input

Gotcha thanks! I’ll just move on then, I suppose. oh thanks for the info on background animation :slight_smile:

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Ok, the problem seems to be the italic font. Since they are rectangular images.
I would create digits of this font in a drawing program and choose a width of 400. And then use 2x digital hour and 2x digital minute.

Then it would be possible to choose the distance arbitrarily. Even overlapping. But I agree with you that it’s a bug.

You mean create 400px images and use image files instead of font?

Yes. This will work. Whats the name of the font?

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Esba font. And thanks for the info

@G1NT0N1C @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

ok thanks for your input. I finished finally after an hour creating a good animated background that really fits. And the extreme digit separation helped! Thanks a lot!
looks GORGEOUS on the watch! I’m getting the orange straps in a few days
LEM10 orangesport



looks great :+1: . Thanks

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The minutes are still cutted off a little bit…:wink:

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It’s the font :slight_smile: supposed to be like that. I think! I’ll double check

Edit: crap.

Hopefully it is fixed in the new version of WFD!

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