Weather does updating

I ask this question in case someone has already encountered the problem. The official KOSPET weather no longer works, the city and temperature update no longer works. Nothing works anymore. And I have just seen that it is in 3G / 4G that it does not work. If I have wifi it works.

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Just tried my prime . No gps , no wifi . Sim and data enabled 3g .
Clicked refresh 3 times and it updated . No problem at all ?

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work only wifi. not 4G, incredible…

Confirmed . Working on 4g also as above . Is your data - sim working with 3g - 4g when using google etc ?

yes, all internet work fine when using 4G (google, others weater app) but no stock weater app :frowning:

And just to confirm you havent installed universal launcher ?

Yes, I don’t use launcher. Just Circle :smile:

Then i am lost . It should work ? I appreciate you may not want to but usually a " full reset " sorts this kind of thing out

I think that’s what I’m going to do tonight :frowning:

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It didn’t work for me. I did a reset 3 times. Now I have the weather forecast but it shows me a city 200kms from my home. Unbelievable.

I’ll be honest this has me baffled ?

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At the moment, I thought that the 4G network was not the right one, I looked carefully (I work for an operator in France), and I am certain of my parameters.

What is crazy is that if I use an Android Store application, the information is perfectly accurate in 4G, except the Stock app. If I put the wifi, I have the right information.

I have been seeing in GPS, and Accuweather uses location well, but something is not going well.
I come to suspected my SIM. I will try in another terminal.
The worst part is that Google did not bring anything back to my phone during the reset.

It is not worse that way it does not put bad things in it, that is how I understood that I really started from scratch and that nothing had changed.

But it does not matter, I will find one day, or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wrote to KOSPET, wait for the answer.

It works …some of the time!

It should work in 4G data also, in my finow x7 I
rare use wi fi and everything update normal.

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automatically updated weather readings? or are they updated when the program starts?

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I would also like this app to update information automatically, but that is not what happens on my Kospet Prime. It updates only when it is opened. I’ll create a routine with the Tasker app to run/kill the weather app hourly

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you need to run / kill the app in less than 5 minutes

When wether apps restart manually.

So, I come back to my test, when I said that it no longer worked, I believed it. But, it was not fair, what happens is when I am at work, 30 km from my home, the weather shows a city 200 km from my home (I searched on google maps). And when I am at home, the local weather in my city is well understood as such. It is strange because if I look with a Smartphone, the weather is well located on the office, but on the watch I am still 200 kms away. The location settings (GMT) are good.