Weather data doesn't get updated

My OP2 has last updated weather data for 20/7 but doesn’t bring in latest data after I refresh. The location is ON and I also set google for accurate location. Please suggest.

you could try opening the weather app near the top of the app draw or go to settings apps and notifications , click see all apps and scroll down the list of apps till you find weather , click force stop and scroll down till you see storage and cache , clear both and go back to the weather app and hopefully your problem is solved , you can then get your weather as normal.


Thanks @peekie for detailed info. I tried all the steps as suggested but no success.
Looks like Weather app is not able to access location data. It gives “failed to get location” and goes into endless loop of searching. I checked the app permission and location is greyed out and is not available for control. I also checked which apps accessed location information and could only see “Google Maps” in list.

On my list all i see is google fit app , check the location is switched on , should be a tiny switch and the top is green when on grey when off ,as this watch does not have a toggle on the main launcher , google maps does switch on gps when you open the app and switches it off when you shut down the app , if thats correct try a factory reset as that normally sorts out the problems.

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I’m with kospet power, suddenly weather stopped refreshing. Until I changed UL to 3.5.2 and my city showed up in “Edit location and Time zone”.I briefly turned on the GPS while locating me and it is now off.So far it worked with an old version of UL, but it stopped updating the weather, I tried a lot of versions but only with 3.5.2 it localized me. It also worked with the original launcher, but it also stopped updating and I couldn’t make it change the temperature until I update it with OS android weather.Try UL 3.5.2, things can happen like me.I see that there is already a newer one here on the site 3.5.3

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Yes the location is turned on (green). Even tried hard stopping, storage/ cache cleanup but no success.
Factory reset?!

factory reset is the only option left , if you have downloaded alot of watchfaces , then connect your watch to the pc and copy the folder clockskins over to the pc , when resetted if everything works then simply copy the contents of the copied clockskin folder back to the watches clockskin folder , apps will have to be reinstalled , but accounts should auto fill in the apps when you sign in this happens as soon as you login to your main google account. Or you can try the FAW firmware which is better and makes your watch shine , do read through the thread to know what to do , as you will gain a much better android system nearly the same as on your phone. ( found on this forum under general discussion )

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Thanks for your elaborated help!. Will take a call, appropriately.

I came here because I’m having the same issue, failed to obtain location. I’ve meticulously have gone through settings (I’m very familiar with Android devices), and even after a factory reset, it continues to fail to update. This is my only frustration with these Android watches, at least have some basic functionality working when they’re released. The core features should be solid. Ugh.