Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]


I am loving the gyroscope option and have created a gyroscope face which I am almost happy with

But it seems that the gyroscope only works when it’s a positive value and also no text works with gyroscope on the watch

In watchmaker a negative value works as it just reverses the animation and all of the text objects also work when I move the phone

Is this something that you could fix or is it by design ?

I’m using the 3.5.2 version you posted


Pm the face and I will see what I can do.

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Is the weather update not being done asynchronously? Sometime UL will be briefly unresponsive until “Weather updated” appears, and if the Internet connection is poor it can hang for several seconds.

Yes it’s asynchronous. The very last 3.5.2 is better on this. I’ve not seen ANR anymore, but maybe I’m lucky.

I use the Lua tag {dz} to display current time zone on some of my Watchmaker faces. It appears that this time zone is stuck on the initial setting of Paris (CET) despite the location remedy in 3.5.2. Can UL handle {dz} so that it is derived from current location?

And the offsets in UL settings for other time zones are relative to the current local time, and not to GMT as in the Watchmaker settings. So they will not dynamically adjust when traveling to another time zone.

Hmm, that’s a fairly big “ask” but let’s see what @Eric_Crochemore says.

if it’s too much trouble, I have a workaround to hard code the time zone letters, but it only applies to one time zone at a time. I create a different version for each time zone I travel to and adjust the offsets upon arrival.

Some things I’ve found to help.

3d text work with the gyroscopic affect.

For text or jpg image. One thing I’ve Noticed to get the gyroscopic affect you have to max out the numbers. If you are using the app it will only let you set gyro to 600 but if you manually input numbers in instead of just hitting the +- you can put it at like 1200 it will move like crazy on the phone but on the watch it finally moves back and forth.

Instead of putting negative numbers for gyro. I open blender and limit movement or rotate axis then Export obj again. This will change where it rotates from.

you’re right. dz is not managed yet and other time zone are relative.i can look into this…

Thanks for taking a look @ {dz} and time zones.

Awesome, thanks @Eric_Crochemore :+1::+1:

You can try this 3.5.3 : timezone should work better


Using 3.5.3 enables the correct display of {dz}. Thank you.

However, the additional time zones offsets are shifted -4 hours from before relative to local time. So I am adding +4 to the previous offsets to get the correct additional time zone displays.

For example to get the proper display of London, the offset is +9 from my local time zone (EDT) which will yield the proper display of +5.

Ok I’ll try to correct it

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i’ve updated the 3.5.3 version, can you test again ? If still not working, send me your skin so that i can test it.


In this version the additional time zones offsets are shifted +4 hours relative to local time. This requires subtracting -4 from the previous offsets to get the correct additional time zone displays.

In the case of London, the offset is set +1 from my local time zone (EDT) to yield proper display of +5.

This is as it should be as the offsets are relative to UTC, which is straight forward to adjust from my current time zone or when daylight savings time changes.

Thanks for looking at this.

I have recently started playing with the AOD settings and when using AOD with .Watch faces they do some cool things.

AOD not only cuts down from 60 frames per second down to only 1 frame per second. It also switches in and out of Dim mode.

So anything not active in dim mode disappears until you touch the screen. This can come up with some really cool affects.

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Hello guys! My Optimus 2 just arrived and i wonder if i can use the UL with this watch and with this android version or i will brick it. Can anyone help me?

Hi . Yes you can use UL with this watch .

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Does it also work with the light mode?