Watchface for the Lem 4 pro in Universal Launcher

I wanted a text clockface so i looked at all the available and learned to create one

so here it is (sorry about the pic i cant work out how to screen shot on the lem 4 yet)

Did you use watchmaker? I can’t check it, because the file is locked.

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Sorry I’ve updated the op with the correct link

And no it’s just cobbled together using the XML files and images

Still locked. And the picture is gone… :wink:

lol sorry im new to G drive

so try this

I don’t believe there is any built-in way to take a screen shot with these watches. If I were to take a screen shot of the watch I would probably use vysor. Also, if you use watchfacedeigner or clockskinmaker, they will make the clock_skin_model.png for you

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Just a few tweaks changed the layout to be much better!


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