Sharing my Lem 4 Pro setup

Hi i am sharing my lem 4 Pro setup in the hopes that it will be useful, its an ever ongoing thing but at the moment its useful as it is.

this watch has amazing battery life so some of the things here may not be useful to ones with a small battery

My main goal with any Smartwatch is (no sim card)

  1. Change the stock launcher to a more useful one with better watchfaces
  2. Have notifications for all apps i choose from the phone
  3. Show the time always (dimmed clock) and disables when a notification comes through
  4. Show notifications at full brightness for a few seconds as they come through
  5. Have a clock that shows the text instead of a digital clock ( i find that easier to read)
  6. Have useful apps that can be launched from the watch without having to use the phone

so in order

  1. I use Universal Launcher from this forum , as it is its excellent with only 2 minor flaws for the Lem 4 Pro (round widgets and 2 x 2 Launcher) , but they are things i can live with.

  2. The watch instructions recommend WiiWatch to connect but Watch Droid (this forum or Play Store) is much much better.
    This allows notifications from any App along with a lot of customisations to the text size etc,

  3. I use an app Called Always On Screen from the play store. Its the only one that actually works as it should in that it dims the screen when its locked or times out, it works in landscape and it disables when a notification comes through.
    Play Store Link ( )

  4. This one was more difficult as sometimes the display would still be dim from the always on display and the notification would also be dim. so i use an app called AutoMagic ( )

This allows you to automate your Android device with flowcharts. its pretty powerful and ill link my flow that i created
that as soon as watch droid assistant shows a notification the screen brightness is turned to full, which then gets turned down when the always on kicks in.

  1. I created a watchface that works in Universal Launcher ( Watchface for the Lem 4 pro in Universal Launcher ). this is more of a personal preference of course)

  2. So far a couple of Apps i find useful are

Rotation :
Mainly because it works , its free and it allows per app rotation lock

Loud Alarm Clock :
This is the best Alarm clock as the inbuilt one just does not wake me up , it dismisses itself way to quick
this one will Alarm until you turn it off and its LOUD

So far im happy with the setup but there are a couple of things i would like to improve on

so my Wishlist is

Universal Launcher to have Square Screen support, and also support for a dimmed always on display so negating the use of a always on app. ( I have been told that the Line R launcher could do this but as of now it does not work on the Lem 4 Pro )

Add more to my Watchface so it gives more info like weather and upcoming calendar events etc

Link to the flow