Watchface built with WFD

I’d created a watchface for my Samsung Gear S3 and then found out that I needed a watch that can do more.
So I bought the Optimus Pro and adapted the watchface with Marco’s Watchfacedesigner.
I hope You like it.




Hi and welcome . Are you wanting to share your watchface with our members ? If so please add a download link . Or are you just wanting to show of your work and not share . Thankyou

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you can, for example, upload the zip to your google drive, and then, as Tim said, share a download link with us

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Thanks for sharing :+1:

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I’ve edit your post and add the download link.

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I guess to create an interactive watchface with shortcuts I need to be able to code, right?
Samsung offered this GalaxyWatchDesigner with which I could create an interactive face:

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Hi . It is not possible to add shortcuts to actual watchfaces . Thanks


@Odin Hi mate. That is one great looking face! Certainly plenty of information offered on the face and nice big hands and numerals to make it easy to see the time at a glance. many thanks for sharing it with us.:+1: Cheers, Doons

NEATO! Thank you verrrryyyyy nicey!:smiley:

Looks really nice, good job!

hi welcome i have installed it on my optimus pro very nice. you can also make a yellow version.

Here you are:




thank you this is my favorite

there is a small problem, battery indicates 00% when it is full should be 100%. the heart rate stays at 55?

Hey Rob,

I’m sorry for that.
I think it just does not show the 1 at the beginning because the field behind it is too small.
I personally didn’t want to make it bigger though because it doesn’t look good. If you make the numbers smaller, they are unconvenient to read. So I thought: Well, I know when my watch is full…

The heart rate is the last one that has been measured. The watchface does not measure it itself.



Its always been the same with the 100% battery . You could try this later

There is a solution for this 100% problem. I’ll post it if I find some time.

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very intricately designed piece of art

Загрузка 44.mp4

What’s wrong? In wcs the same thing.
Tell me please.

The new version of WFD fixes the battery issues but isnt available yet .Do you know how to manually alter .xml files ?


No tell me please and will it help in wcs? I understand something but not everything just started to understand if it is not difficult tell me