Watch faces without usb?

I have an android 8.1 smartwatch but when I plug in the usb to the pc the watch doesn’t show up in file explorer, so is there a way to get new faces? (Its not lemfo nor kospet there is no plus button in the end to get more faces)

Which brand and type is your watch?

I bought from aliexpress long ago I don’t know but if you type v20 smartwatch on youtube it should show up.

Go to Clockskin Transfer in the PlayStore. With it you can load watch .zip files via wifi

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Ok, install this app ON YOUR WATCH, not on the phone:

After that, open the internet browser ON YOUR PHONE. Your phone and your watch have to use the same WLAN to make it work. Open clockskin transfer on your watch and type the adress which is displayed on your watch in the browser on your phone. Now you can upload any clockskin file you have downloaded to your phone before.

It will work with the Internet browser on your PC also.

Just did it, files moved to the watch to a clockskin folder but then what

Restart your watch. After that the new watchfaces should be visible in the list by press and hold a watchface.

No still can’t find them, tho clearly Clockskin browser web shows them and they are installed

Hmm, this android version might be too limited. Sorry.

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Did you tap or double tap on your current watch face to bring up the newly installed faces?

Have you activated the file transfer in the usb settings ?
You can try universal launcher to have fully working faces.


Good point there about activating the file transfer settings Eric! :+1: :+1: When I first started using windows 10, I had no end of trouble moving files from my mobile phone to the computer and it turned out to be the very “File transfer” settings (In the USB options) you are talking about! I set them right and no trouble ever since! Cheers, Doons

But he allready instaled some faces. If they are not visable, the watch couldn’t handle downloaded faces. Universal launcher might work, but I’m not sure that this device is having enouth random access memory.

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Fair enough @G1NT0N1C ! :+1: :+1: Thanks for putting me straight mate! Much appreciated! The next time I say something equally as silly (And it won’t be that far away! :woozy_face:) Just say “Ignore that twit Doons and listen to someone who knows what they are talking about”! :crazy_face: :rofl: Serves me right for not thoroughly reading all the posts! Cheers, “Well I thought it was a good idea at the time”!, Doons

I don’t know but stock actually did came up with some watch faces and I can find them in settings-uninstall as installed apps

There are some build-in faces in your watch. But your watch can’t handle clockskin-faces.
Eric already told you to try his Universal launcher to make it work.

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This app drains battery so fast, do you know to install the faces as apps tho? Like the stock ones

What are you talking about? Universal Launcher doesn’t need much battery. Nearly the same results like stocklauncher.
And no, I don’t know any other way to use clockskin faces on your device.

After the right-most clock option (picture icon with a plus sign), there should be another icon that shows a refresh button. If that doesn’t do it, change your watch between 4g and sport modes and then try to change faces and the new faces should show up.

In order to get my watch to show on my Windows 10 PC, I had to download the Mediatek drivers found on this site. The install program cleared my USB drivers and truly installed the watch so I was able to see it and transfer files with my computer. Much easier and more reliable when you have picture, music, and movie files you want in your watch. Also, if you have a Samsung phone that came with the USB C to standard USB A connection dongle for using SmartSwitch to send everything from your old phone to your new phone, you can hardwire connect your watch to your phone. Use the phone MTP Host program and it will open a new file manager screen that allows access to your watch file system. This is how I got music, video, and image files directly from my phone to my watch. This method did not work for transferring watch faces, however.

“Watch clockskin has stopped working” virtual launcher always does this every time do you why?