Watch faces with active buttons

How do I download watch faces with active buttons on them.


Just like all other faces too. Instructions can be found on our YouTube channel.

Not trying to be difficult but I don’t know what video to look for can I have a bit more help please


Thanks for trying to help I looked it up but I don’t have a computer only a smart phone and kospet prime

But thanks anyway

Download the app “Clockskin Transfer” to your watch. This will allow you to connect your watch with the browser from your mobile. It works fine.


I do what you said , and downloaded the app and put the code into the browser but it never came up

It did not work sadly

It works. Make sure that your watch and your mobile are in the same WLAN. And set your Display timeout at the watch to 5 minutes. Than it will work…


If anyone can show me a video on how to do that I would be grateful

I’m not as good on phones as others .

I am still struggling in bed visual explanations

There is no video about this. It’s easy, so no one make a video and I don’t think this will happen. Everything you need to know is already available: the watch must be switched on, the cell phone and the watch must be on the same wifi. Then all you have to do is open “Clockskin Transfer” and enter the displayed address in the address line of the browser of the mobile phone.

P.S.: Please open the file manager. Swipe to the left. Now you can see the folders. Check whether there is already a folder with the name “Clockskin” on your watch. If not, create it.

I only have a smart phone and a smart watch and I have to use the sim. Card from my smart phone in the smart watch to use iso I can’t get both to come. Off the same wifi

Forget the sim card . @G1NT0N1C said " Wifi " on both . So again , connect watch and phone both to the Same wifi network then follow his steps

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I tried that and typed in the code it had snd it said site cannot be reached it may have moved

You can also download the faces directly to the watch and then use the file manager to move them to the clockskin folder

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How do I do that please

Do you use " google drive " on your watch and phone ? .

If so try this -

Make sure you install google drive on your watch and phone .

Find the clockskin you want on this forum using your phone , click on it and download to your google drive .

If you now open google drive on your watch you will see the clockskin you want . Select download and this will now appear in your downloads folder in your watch ( look in file manager for this ) .

Now download this app to you watch and install -

Once installed go back to your downloads in your watch and press the clockskin zip file . This will then ask you to open in the above app you have just downloaded . Select this then unzip to the clockskin folder in your watch

Re-boot watch and you will see the clockskin you wanted .

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Dony know I’m not sure

How do I do that thanks

What ? You dont know if you use " google drive " ? . Seriously …

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Say you want to download this face:

Then, on your watch, open the browser and navigate to the thread for the watchface. Then just follow the download link and choose download. Then open the file manager and navigate to the downloads folder, long press the zip file and choose either cut or copy and then navigate to the clockskin folder and paste it in there. If you’re using UL that should be all you have to do, but if you’re using the stock launcher you will have to unzip the face as well