Watch Face Request huawei

Hi guys, can anyone make this watch face please?

No rushing and take your time.
gtr47_20608 (002)

gtr47_20722 (002)


is the graph a heart rate?

Looks like it ?

You are absolutely right about that.

Is this from a Huawei watch?
If it is it is copyright protected.
Can’t be published publicly without permission from the original authors.
@G1NT0N1C am I right?

I get this face from amazwatchface.

I prefer the top 1 very nice on my gtr but the top 1 graph not functioning.

Hopefully someone can make a similar one.

I thought it is a huawei stock watchface. If yes, a copy would be ok, just a huawei credit link is needed.
If it’s NOT a stockface, the permission from the artist is needed.


Thanks @G1NT0N1C :+1:

Which watch do you use?

My son saw this face on my gtr, so he also want it on his A8 watch <— similar to zeblaze Thor 4 dual.

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I understand, thank you.
That makes sense.
Well, as long as someone credits Huawei (as long as it is theirs, and not under license) then it would be ok to publish here.

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Look what @doubledad created for you.

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