Watch face designer

Good evening, I would like to insert new fonts to the program of watch face designer, How can I do it. And if you can… Thank you very much

Its worth using the search function like i just did :+1:

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Thanks @Dr_Andy_Vishnu I tried to look for the answer but I did not find it, and I allowed myself to ask… On this occasion I installed a font on windows, but the WFD does not see it. Anyway thanks the same

So after restarting your pc and wfd it doesnt work ?

If I remember correctly it is necessary to install fonts as admin and to select “for all programs” during the installation.
Fonts that are not available in WFD are copied from the “Fonts” folder. Then I delete them to reinstall them as described.

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Thats it :+1::+1::+1: .

It doesn’t work, patience, thanks

Thats a shame because going back in time i remember @G1NT0N1C suggestion working for me ( although at the time it was on a mac )

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Good morning and yes, patience. Anyway thanks for the information

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something new for me to play with

just right click on the police file and select “install for all users”. Then restart WFD.

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Good evening, thanks I will try to do as you advised me, Perfect works, thanks