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Hello I recently bought a ticwris max and have been trying to use apps to design watch faces, specifically one’s that have motion. So I have a multi-part question: 1) The app I am using says it works with any android watch that is wear OS or tizen, but the Ticwris and Lemfo are not listed among them to sync/coding purposes. So what would I choose since the Ticwris seems to still run android wear (which I thought was declared dead), and it doesn’t appear I can upload Wear OS? 2) Since the last update the animated faces I do have are running super fast, how/where in my watch do I slow down the speed? 3) Some say live wallpaper cannot work on this watch, but I have faces that run like a gif or live wallpaper…so I would love to make more of these. How would I do that? Thanks!

Hi . You appear to be all over the place with this . The Ticris along with all the newer watches on this forum are running on android 7.1.1 ( not wear os ) .

To design animated clockskins for these watches i suggest you use

Live wallpapers are not a option

Try this on your watch

Everything you need for these full android watches you will find on this forum ( not wear os )



Thanks. So what app should I use with the Ticwris max (full android) to create and design faces. I have had no luck with Watchmaker nor Facer…Also the watch animations that are running on my phone are very fast…how might I slow them down?

If you don’t want to use watchfacedesigner on a computer, but insist on using an app, then you can use watchmaker, but you will have to use Universal Launcher as your launcher

After making a watchface in watchmaker you need to export it and put it in the clockskin folder on the watch

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I have just posted a link above for watch face designer to create your watch faces .What animations are you refering too.

I have a star wars watch face that does battle and a minion one where he jumps up an down, and they used to move at a medium pace, but since the last update they are running super fast. Is there a setting for this on the TicWris max?

Not as far as i’m aware . Myself and @G1NT0N1C have tried to alter the speed of .gif files within WFD with no success. Sorry

I’m not sure he’s talking about a GIF. Can you post a link?

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