Watch corner where meets stripe broke

it broke. what do you think of a solution.? piece is missing.

I have seen this section broken on other models where users have glued the piece back together . However as you have lost the pierce there isnt any hope


he could sand down the edge and 3d-print a new piece to glue on


Yeah @noidremained, a trick I learnt some years ago was to mix the dust from ABS plastic with Araldite glue and then build up layers on the damaged area.
Takes a little while to build up the layers after letting each one dry…
But the result is a rock hard repair that can be shaped with a file or something of that sort and drilled (with care) and it will last forever.

I’ve even used it on engine blocks, mixed with aluminium filings…
A bit of work, but I suppose it’s a matter of how much it means to you… :+1:


This is the Prime S…?
If not, can you please let us know which model it is?

Yes this is prime s

How long have you had the watch…?

I have arranged for a replacement to be given to you.
Are you interested?

I Already ordered replacement Through kospet

What kind of replacement? What cost?

They have emailed you

It will not cost you.
It is a replacement
I will tell them that you have already ordered

Yes. I Already ordered!

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Can you give me the order number please?
@savvinio it is very important that you give me the order number please

They are prepared to replace the Prime S for you.
It takes time but it is worth it.
I am very sorry that I did not know you ordered a replacement already.

Have you received an email yet?
Can you copy me on the reply please?
My email is

I Already paid 10 usd, and i think they Will send Just a replacement part. Not a brand New watch

Have you got the email yet from them?
I have told them that I don’t think it is a good idea to try and replace the body.
It is very possible that the screen will not work again if you did that.

I sent you all the mails. I. Bought the watch november 2021

Please respond to the new email from today.
They have agreed to replace the watch complete.

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