Watch corner where meets stripe broke

OH that is perfect. Thank you so Much!

Well, let’s see what happens.
They want you to return the broken watch.
I have emailed you both and understand that postage costs will be a problem.


Ok, they need you to send it and then:
This is from them

“The customer needs to bear the freight first, and then send me a screenshot of the freight. When arranging to send a replacement machine, he will apply for a refund of the freight to him;”

Now i wait first for their respond.

My watch is now broken but it function are OK. I cannot send it and wait days to receive the new. It May take a month or more. I need to have the watch even in my pocket. As now…

Please respond to the email I sent just now
@savvinio they are prepared to replace the watch with a new one for free.

If you can’t send it back, AND they will refund the postage - I am very disappointed.
I went to a lot of trouble to arrange this at no charge for you.


Well i never asked for a full offered this option and thank you much for that. I Just cannot stay without watch and wait to receive the new.

@savvinio in that case, just email them back and say “no thanks” .
The reason is that the screen is bonded to the body.
So you cannot replace the body without permanent damage to the screen.
Anyway - your choice.