[Utility] Day 'N' Nite - Change your clockskin depending on what time it is

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago @Dotsfar contacted me and asked if I could create an app that automatically changed the clockskin depending on the time of the day.

The idea is to use a day-time clockskin during the day, and a night-time clockskin during the night.

I’ll leave the link to the .apk file at the end of this post. Make sure to grant storage permissions, enable the app and select the time and clockskin for both day and night times.

Universal Launcher only!

Any bug or issues can be reported in this topic.



DayNNite-v1.3-debug.apk (2.8 MB)
DayNNite-v1.2-debug.apk (2.8 MB)
DayNNite-v1.1-debug.apk (2.8 MB)


  • v1.3: Fix wrong clockskin on enable :slight_smile:
  • v1.2: Set the correct clockskin on enable, wake the CPU when it’s time to change the clockskin (might fix the clockskin not being changed while the device is sleeping).
  • v1.1: First release

Thanks @iscle, does it works with stock launcher ?

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Top work . Nice one :+1:

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It was me who requested it. The original Clockskin Randomizer app was only for Universal Launcher, so I suppose this one too.
There are so many nice night mode skins comming in at the moment, so the idea came up of an automated shift :ok_hand:

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Thank you @iscle, it works :ok_hand::clap::+1:
But I think it has to be ‘alive’ at the switch time, so e.g. if it is off on the charger overnight, it won’t switch even if the switch time has passed when it is turned on. Probably this is the most energy efficient approach, so one has to consider this when choosing switch times.

Unfortunately it does not work on Optimus pro and prime1.
Permission granted, battery saver off, enabled, all set

It uses the broadcast with intent action “com.android.watchengine.changeface”, which as far as I know is Universal Launcher only, right?

So yeah, this is exclusive to Universal Launcher right now :sweat_smile:

It will only work with Universal Launcher right now. I’m assuming you are using the stock launcher right?

Hmm I can make it wake up the device when it’s time to change it, even if it’s in doze or deep sleep. I’ll upload the new version now.

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Thanks, this has not been clear so far.

That won’t help, my watch is off during nightly charging. So I was thinking about some check whenever the app is started, if it is in the right mode. Between day face time and night face time, set daytime on startup. Else set night face.

Oh, I just read the description of v1.2, enable=first startup ? Time to test :grinning:

It does set face on startup, only not as expected.
I have daytime=09:00, nighttime=20:00, and at 16:20 I get night face after reboot.

Oh shit, you’re right! I did it the other way around :rofl: Wait a second


Fixed on v1.3!

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Confirmed. I even saw the ‘wrong’ face swipe away as the new one started. Very cool :smiley:

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